1 tempting twist in Anupama you should not miss

1 tempting twist in Anupama you should not miss

1 tempting twist in Anupama you should not miss. Anupama dances joyfully when Kanta and Bhavesh help her in setting the new dance academy in their house. Kanta tells that Anupama was born in this house and it will be the same place where she will be reborn with new courage and motivation. Anupama happily hugs her. She thanks Kanta, who doesn’t want her gratitude but only her success. Kanta wants to see her daughter flying high and fulfilling her dreams, by forgetting Anuj. Anupama tells that every mother deserves gratitude from her children. Anupama and Kanta go to meet a few people in their locality and spread the news about the new dance academy opening up for interested dance students.

Kanta tells that very soon Anupama’s academy will start running. Leela gets troubled by the new drama in the house. Vanraj rebukes Samar for supporting his girlfriend Dimpy after knowing her wrong actions. He never liked Dimpy for Samar. He asks Samar to accept that his girlfriend is wrong and they both have done injustice to Anupama. He wants Samar to return to the academy to Anupama. Dimpy calls it enough. She argues with Vanraj and his children while keeping her point that she is also attached to the academy and wants it to flourish more. She tells them how Anupama’s personal problems are bringing a bad reputation to the dance academy. She tells that students have started leaving the academy because of Anupama’s bad image. She just wants to clear the academy’s image by cutting off the association with Anupama.


Samar supports Dimpy who convinces him of her good intentions. She then breaks the good news about her divorce proceedings. Samar is very happy that he can start a new life with Dimpy. He wants to keep his promise of marriage. The family has started seeing Dimpy’s true colors and doesn’t want her to become a part of their household. Pakhi and Paritosh get sternly against Dimpy. Samar gets angered and misunderstands them. Dimpy further fuels Samar’s mind against his family. Vanraj sees Dimpy being a misfit in their family.

Samar decides to marry Dimpy at the earliest, but the Shahs get against it after seeing Dimpy’s opportunistic side. Pakhi and Paritosh advise Samar not to marry Dimpy, but Samar got blind to her love. Samar isn’t able to see Dimpy’s mistake. Leela informs Anupama about her children’s new clash regarding Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. She asks Anupama to come home and handle her Pandavas, her three children, and their partners. She tells that Samar and Dimpy want to marry, but nobody in the house wants to take responsibility. She asks Anupama if she will take responsibility. Anupama refuses to visit them. She tells that if Samar and Dimpy have decided to get married, then the responsibility will be solely theirs. She adds that she will not come there, and if they need her, then they can come to her house to meet her. She clearly states that her work needs her more at this time and she will not come to Shah’s house. Anupama’s strong stand surprises the family. Hasmukh wishes Anupama stays happy and blesses her, while the children are puzzled about Anupama’s work when she left the academy. The Shahs soon learn about Anupama opening a new dance academy. Will Dimpy realize her mistake and mend her ways before it gets too late? Keep reading for more news, spoilers, and written updates. Watch the new promo of Anupama- Ek Nayi Udaan below.


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