2 New Vamps in Anupama create a dramatic storm

2 New Vamps in Anupama create a dramatic storm

2 New Vamps in Anupama create a dramatic storm. Anupama 14th April 2023 Written Update. Anuj gets delighted to meet Anu. He tells that he has done the shopping as she wanted. Anu checks the shopping bags and asks about Anupama’s gift. Anuj says that he has taken a gift and sent it through Dheeraj. Anu says that they will talk to Anupama on phone. Maya tells him that they have given much love to Anu as parents else she will remember Anupama. She just wants Anuj and her happy family. Leela tells Hasmukh that Anupama had supported Dimpy, who had removed the former from her own academy. Pakhi says that Samar didn’t take a stand for Anupama.

She is upset that Samar didn’t defend Anupama. Samar tells that she wanted to ignite the fire so she has revealed this in the wrong way. They both argue. Vanraj learns that Anupama has left the dance academy. Paritosh tells that Anupama had risked their lives for Dimpy’s sake. They didn’t expect this from Dimpy. Samar tells that Dimpy isn’t bad. Vanraj wonders what is Anupama going through. He pities her. Anupama thanks Kanta and Bhavesh for the surprise. She is optimistic that everything will get okay. She gets excited that she will start her dance. She tells that she didn’t know Kanta is so talented. Kanta tells that she had decided to make something for Anupama and she has done it. She jokes about Bhavesh and laughs. He gets upset.


She asks him to forget it. He tells that they have become businesspersons now. Anupama wants to move on in her life. Samar tells Pakhi that Anupama has decided to leave on her own. Paritosh tells that Dimpy compelled her to leave. Pakhi asks Samar how did he change so much. She pities Anupama’s fate. Vanraj asks Samar how he let his mother go away. He rebukes Samar. He tells that when the world was against her, he used to stand for her, and today he didn’t support her. Dimpy tells Vanraj what Dimpy has told them about changing the academy name. She adds that Anupama felt terrible and left the academy.

Vanraj tells that the academy is Anupama’s identity and he wanted to change the academy’s name. Leela tells that Samar is useless, so he got trapped by Dimpy. Hasmukh tells that Samar didn’t keep Anupama’s pride. Dimpy weeps. Barkha asks her about the matter. Dimpy tells her whatever happened at the dance academy. Barkha is shocked to know this. Adhik overhears them and worries for Pakhi. Barkha manipulates Dimpy against the Shah family. She asks Dimpy not to feel guilty. She tells that she shouldn’t let Shahs win. Anupama, Kanta, and Bhavesh try to get the students to form the first batch.

Anupama is positive. Hasmukh and Leela tell that Samar has done wrong to Anupama. Vanraj asks Samar to go to Anupama, apologize to her, and return to the dance academy. Kinjal tells that it’s no use now. Leela asks Samar why didn’t he go after Anupama. Pakhi tells that Samar and Dimpy were celebrating her divorce hearing date. Vanraj is not surprised. Leela tells that she will never accept Dimpy as her Bahu. Samar tells that he will marry only Dimpy. He adds that Dimpy didn’t force Anupama, but they can blame Dimpy if they want. Samar tells Paritosh if he has thought of the family before marrying Kinjal.

Paritosh asks him not to compare Kinjal with Dimpy. Samar argues with Leela. Vanraj asks him to behave himself. Samar tells that they should Pakhi to go to her husband. Adhik arrives there. He asks Samar why is he discussing Pakhi’s marriage. Kavya tells that it’s the trend of the house to shift the fight to others. Leela tells that Dimpy isn’t a nice girl. Kinjal asks Samar to test Dimpy’s values and then marry her. Samar and Pakhi go on bashing each other. Paritosh tells that Samar has forgotten his values. Samar counts Paritosh’s mistakes. Vanraj asks Samar to accept that Dimpy has done wrong.

Dimpy reaches there and shouts at them. Her behavior gets shocking for them. Anupama and Kanta circulate the fliers. Anupama wants to live and fulfill her dreams. She misses Anuj. Samar tells that he will leave the house and shocks Vanraj with his decision. On the other side, Barkha shocks Anupama by dumping her stuff at her house. She lies that Anuj has sent her stuff to clear his house. What will Anupama do now to answer Barkha? Will Anupama let Dimpy break the Shah family? Keep reading.


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