GHKPM Virat extreme step 15th April 2023 Update

GHKPM Virat extreme step 15th April 2023 Update

GHKPM Virat extreme step 15th April 2023 Update Virat and Pakhi have a row over the divorce. She tells that he is doing wrong to her. She feels she doesn’t matter to him because she doesn’t exist in his life. She is heartbroken. Sai makes Savi ready. They pack their bags to leave. Virat tries hard to convince Sai to stay back. He doesn’t want to tolerate the pain of staying away from his children. He locks Sai and Savi in the room when Sai isn’t ready to understand him. Virat gets mad by his fear of losing Sai and Savi. He tells the family that Sai will leave him and go away. He adds that he had died without his children and now his exile has ended.

He tells that he has no way to stop Sai this time. He regrets that he didn’t stop Sai last time. He gets emotional and breaks down. He tells that he will die if Sai goes away. He adds that Sai has asked him to do this, so he is taking this step. He asks his dad to guarantee that Sai and Savi will be with them. He locks Sai and Savi in the room. Mohit tells that is wrong that Virat has locked a little girl in the room. Virat tells that Sai is there with Savi to take care of her. He reminds Mohit about losing his unborn child when Karishma had a miscarriage. He tells that he can’t stay without Savi.


Ashwini scolds Virat for citing Mohit and Karishma’s sorrow. Virat tells that he is just reminding them of the pain to show how much children matter to a person. He wants to do anything to stop Sai and Savi. Savi asks Virat not to get angry with Sai. She finds Sai angry with Virat. Virat speaks to Savi on a video phone call. He apologizes to her for locking her inside the room. Will Virat be able to win Sai’s heart? Keep reading for a full written update on GHKPM Virat’s extreme step on 15th April 2023.


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