Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2023 Written Update Ire fire

Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2023 Written Update Ire fire

Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2023 Written Update Ire fire. Nidhi meets Aarohi and tells her that Shaurya is deeply upset with the Luthras. She fears that once he gets freed from jail, then he will leave Luthras forever. She says that Shaurya is much frustrated that nobody from the family loves him and cares for him because none of the Luthras can get him released from jail. She doesn’t want Shaurya to leave the Luthra family and the mansion where she rules as a queen. She has strong domination over the family because of Shaurya. She tells that once Shaurya leaves the house, then she will have no control over the family. She adds that she is living in the Luthra house only because of Shaurya, and Luthras are tolerating her for his sake.

On the other hand, Rajveer and Mohit talk. Mohit tells that he has understood Rajveer’s motives and that the latter wants to stand against the Luthras. He says that Rajveer wants to give tough competition to the Luthra company and also its owner Karan Luthra. Rajveer smiles that Mohit has understood his motives well. Mohit tells that Rajveer has come as it was destined that he comes there to stand against Karan Luthra. He says that he doesn’t know the reason for Rajveer’s revenge on Karan Luthra, but he will support Rajveer because he likes him and believes in his honesty. Mohit supports Rajveer. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2023.



Bela gets worried for Mallika’s future and gets hell-bent to stop the latter’s marriage with Ranav. She knows Ranav is a devil. She wants to save Mallika’s life from getting disastrous because she loves Mallika as a sister. She is indebted to Mallika’s dad. Ranav wants to save Mallika from Adi and Yamini. He also wants to find out if Mallika is a Pari from Parilok. He earlier wanted to ditch Mallika at the marriage altar and settle scores but changed his mind on knowing the possibility that she can be a Pari. Bela fails in proving Ranav’s truth to anyone. Pratham saves Manan’s life, but Bela misunderstands him.

She thinks he is going on killing innocent people. Bela joins hands with Adi who also intends to break Ranav and Mallika’s marriage. Bela and Adi kidnap Mallika. Bela takes Mallika’s place at the altar and marries Ranav aka Pratham just to save Mallika’s life. She gets caught by Pratham and denies knowing anything about her presence at the altar. Pratham suspects Adi’s involvement and loses his cool. He denies accepting Bela as his wife. Bela and Pratham’s marriage creates an imbalance in the universe.

Kundali Bhagya 16th April 2023 Written Update Ire fire:

Preeta tells Shaurya that she will withdraw her complaint against him, and he will get released. She asks him not to cry and spoil his heart. She tells that he will get free soon. She rushes to talk to the Inspector. Sanju tells that Shaurya has done acting and it was looking real. Shaurya tells that it’s not funny, and Rajveer is so lucky to have the best Maasi. He tells that if he got so much love, then he would have been lucky too. Nidhi meets Aarohi and tells her that she is feeling tired. He feels Shaurya is frustrated and he may leave Luthra’s family after getting out of jail. She tells that Shaurya is her trump card, who gives her power.

She adds that she will lose her position and respect if Shaurya isn’t there in the family. She plans to play a big game to get Shaurya released. She tells that Shaurya will trust her more once she helps him. Rajveer and Mohit stop midway when the former feels restless. Rajveer calls Preeta. She wonders if Rajveer has seen her. He asks her if is she okay. She tells that she is okay and she was watching television at home. She asks about his interview. He tells that there is still time. He asks her to take medicines. She doesn’t want to tell Rajveer about her move. She wants to protect Shaurya’s future. She meets the Inspector and tells him that she wants to withdraw the complaint against Shaurya.

Inspector gets busy with his work. He bashes a criminal. Preeta waits for him. Rakhi reaches there and waits outside to meet the Inspector. Inspector tells Preeta that she can’t withdraw the case, because the case has gone to court. He asks her to come to the court tomorrow. Constable opens the cell. Shaurya tells that Rajveer’s Maasi would have withdrawn the case. Constable tells that Rajveer’s Maasi tried a lot to withdraw the case, but the case has gone to court now. He informs that Shaurya’s Dadi has come to meet him. Shaurya refuses to meet Rakhi. Sanju advises Shaurya to meet Rakhi. Shaurya doesn’t take his advice. He stays stern that he will not meet Rakhi. Sanju tells that it’s not fair to insult him.

He blames Shaurya for his arrest. Shaurya tells that Sanju has done everything for himself, just to reap benefits from Shaurya’s power and position. Constable tells Inspector that Shaurya doesn’t want to meet Rakhi. Inspector informs Rakhi. Rakhi calls Karan and tells him that Shaurya doesn’t want to meet her. Karan asks her to pass the phone to the inspector. Inspector tells that Shaurya isn’t willing to meet her. Karan asks him to lie to Rakhi that the meeting time is over and send her home. Inspector asks Rakhi to go home and come tomorrow to meet Shaurya. Karan asks Rakhi to calm down and go home.

Karan thinks about how did Shaurya get so much spoiled. He feels if Preeta was with Shaurya, his upbringing would have been better, Rajveer got a good upbringing, even when Preeta didn’t raise him, Rajveer thinks a lot for his family and is too caring. He wishes Shaurya was like Rajveer. Mohit drops Rajveer. He tells that he knows Rajveer is going to join Luthras’ rival company. He realizes Rajveer wants to stand against Karan Luthra. Rajveer smiles and asks Mohit to think of anything he wants. He wishes he gets this job. He wants to ruin Karan Luthra. Khurana and Palki meet Dr. Sanjeev.

Sanjeev tells that he is joined the hospital. He jokes that he will inform Gurpreet about his arrival later. He goes to check on Bani Luthra at her residence. He learns that she is Karan Luthra’s Dadi. Nidhi and Preeta are close. Nidhi misses to see Preeta. Preeta goes to help an old lady on the road. Nidhi gets to see Preeta when the latter comes in front of the car. Nidhi is shocked to see Preeta alive. Rajveer decides to get the job at any cost. He thinks of some plan. He fakes a phone call and lies that he bagged the job. He apologizes to the applicants. He tells that he got the job thanks to his dad. The other applicants leave from there. Rajveer tricks them and gets rid of them. Rajbeer tells that he will go and give the interview when everyone else left.

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