1 Best moment in Kumkum Bhagya defines Pranbir

1 Best moment in Kumkum Bhagya defines Pranbir

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1 Best moment in Kumkum Bhagya defines Pranbir. Khushi wonders how will her Shiv aka Ranbir reach her at the haveli when she had informed him about the old place. She wishes Ranbir comes to save her. She regrets that the goons have shifted her to a new place. She thinks of some plan to get help. She innocently speaks to the goons and appeals to them to leave her. She tells that they would be helpless to kidnap her, and if they leave her free, then she will not tell anyone about them. She wants to go to her mother. She asks them to drop her at Laali’s place. She promises to not divulge any details about him. She gets taken aback when the goons laugh aloud and scare her.

Khushi meets a scary old lady Amma, who is blind but very much consciously active. Amma tries to win Khushi’s trust at first and acts sweet toward her. Khushi runs and hugs her. It later gets revealed that Amma is also an evil person working for Balbeer. Balbeer forms a gang to execute the deal and sell Khushi for money. Balbeer isn’t scared of the police. He thinks nobody knows about him because he didn’t come in front of anyone at the time of kidnapping Khushi. Laali, Prachi, and Ranbir know about Balbeer’s crime and swear to get him punished this time. Akshay and Rhea are shell-shocked to know the danger over Prachi’s life.

They rush to save Prachi, unaware that Ranbir is already with Prachi. Ranbir protects Prachi from dangerous Veera, who isn’t able to believe them. Ranbir and Prachi meet Amma and request her to give them any information she has about Khushi. Amma asks them if they are Khushi’s parents. They nod in agreement. They take a stand for each other and protect themselves from danger. Laali finds their equations relating to a married couple and wants to know about their relationship. Ranbir tries to keep his cool. Ranbir and Prachi together think of Khushi as her parents and want to save her life. They are still not aware that Khushi is their daughter, Panchi. Whenever they have to think of Khushi, they forget their difference and unite as parents, not as husband and wife. Ranbir and Prachi yearn for a happy family with Khushi.






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