YRKKH Big drama twist 17th April 2023 Update

YRKKH Big drama twist 17th April 2023 Update

YRKKH Big drama twist 17th April 2023 Update. Abhimanyu feels sorry to break Abhir’s faith. He tells that if anything happened to Abhir, then he would have not forgiven himself. He wonders why he feels affection for Abhir as he feels for Ruhi. Aarohi tells Abhinav that Abhir is okay, but he should think of sending him to the US for treatment. Akshara learns that Aarohi has advised Abhinav to take Abhir to the US. Abhinav tells Akshara that Aarohi wants them to take Abhir to the US for his treatment. Abhinav tells that Abhir is happy with Abhimanyu and even the family is there to support him. Aarohi explains to him that a doctor’s heart is also weak when it comes to his family. Abhimanyu sends a voice message to Aarohi.

He is much worried for Abhir. She hopes Abhinav and Akshara agree to go to the US. Akshara doubts that Aarohi is hiding something from them. Kairav makes kachoris for Akshara. She asks him to get married because he is multi-talented. Kairav asks her why is she so worried. She tells him that Aarohi suggested Abhir’s treatment happen in the US. Kairav wants to know if Aarohi got to know the truth and tried to send them away. He knows Akshara’s fear also. Akshara tells that she is afraid of choosing Abhimanyu as Abhir’s doctor.


Kairav tells that Abhimanyu is a good doctor, they have a past and things can’t get normal between them, because it’s about Abhir. He asks her to take Abhir to the US. He advises her to decide wisely. Rohan reaches Abhimanyu’s home and meets him. He informs him about Akshara’s move. Abhinav asks Akshara why did she get the file from the hospital. She tells that they will be going to the US for Abhir’s treatment. Abhinav asks how did she decide this without asking him. She tells that they are suffering because of someone else’s mistake.

Abhinav doesn’t think that they can protect Abhir better if they stay away from the family. She feels it’s the best option to go away. He tells that Abhir is comfortable with Abhimanyu. He doesn’t think they should go. She tries hard to convince him. Abhimanyu reaches there and tells him that she can’t take Abhir anywhere without his permission, he is Abhir’s doctor and Abhir can’t shift anywhere. She tells that she is Abhir’s mother. He tells that Abhir has faith in him, he is comfortable with him and he isn’t scared. She tells that she is Abhir’s mother and she knows the best about him. He tells that such incidents can happen in any hospital. She calls him a stranger and tells him that Abhir’s parents will decide for him.

He tells that he is not a stranger. He asks her to discuss facts. He tells that Abhir can’t travel so far in this condition. Akshara doesn’t want to argue. She tells that the US doctor told her Abhir can travel and then his surgery will happen there. She thanks him for doing so much for Abhir. He asks Manish to explain Akshara. Abhimanyu leaves. He doesn’t want to feel so much for Abhir. He turns emotionally thinking Abhir will be going away from him. He wishes that he meets Abhir once.

Abhir comes home with Muskaan. He meets Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu thanks him for coming on time and meeting him. He hugs Abhir and weeps. He tells that he is very happy. Abhir tells that he has bought the balloons for his parents. He asks Abhir to give a balloon to Ruhi, she will give it to Abhi. Abhimanyu feels shattered. Abhinav invites him to the puja and tells him that he is also like Abhir’s father. Abhimanyu meets Abhir and does the puja rituals which a father had to do for a son. Akshara isn’t happy to see this.


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