YRKKH Upcoming Abhi entry 18th April 2023

YRKKH Upcoming Abhi entry 18th April 2023

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YRKKH Upcoming Abhi entry 18th April 2023 Abhimanyu makes a prayer that he meets Abhir once. His wish soon gets fulfilled. He gets upset when Akshara decides to take Abhir away from him. She wants Abhir to get treated in a US hospital. Abhimanyu is sure that he can help Abhir recover. He assures them that he will treat Abhir in the best way possible. Akshara doesn’t want to take any chance on Abhir and cites Abhimanyu’s negligence. Abhinav also fails in explaining to Akshara that Abhimanyu is the best option for Abhir. He just thinks of Abhir’s comfort and peace, but Akshara thinks of Abhir’s security. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to care if Abhir’s parents think he is a stranger and wants to take their son away from him. He cries that he won’t be able to see Abhir again.

Fortunately, Abhimanyu meets Abhir. He feels a burst of emotions. Tears roll down his cheek. Abhimanyu hugs Abhir with love. Abhir gives him a balloon which he got for his father. Both of them are unaware of their relationship. Abhimanyu wishes Abhir stays well wherever he goes. Abhinav feels sorry for Abhimanyu and meets him at the Birla hospital. He invites Abhimanyu to the puja kept by Goenkas at their residence. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to come after Akshara called him a stranger in Abhir’s life.

He tells that just Abhir’s parents are important to sit in the puja. Abhinav shows his big heart and tells that even Abhimanyu is a fatherly figure for Abhir. This statement makes Abhimanyu emotional and he agrees to attend the puja for Abhir’s sake. Abhinav and Akshara sit in the puja with Abhir and perform the rituals to protect him. Abhimanyu’s sudden entry makes Abhir runs to him. Abhir hugs Abhimanyu, who sees the loose threat tied to his wrist and tightens it. He performs the rituals which Abhinav had to perform for his son. Akshara gets worried that Abhimanyu has stepped in as Abhir’s father.



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