Bhagya Lakshmi Alarming twist 20th April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Alarming twist 20th April 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Alarming twist 20th April 2023 Written Update. Badrinath tells Neelam that Lakshmi had saved Rishi from her strong stars, but now the problem has changed and the stars have changed their location, and danger has come to Lakshmi’s life. Neelam doesn’t understand it. He explains that Lakshmi has saved Rishi from the Markesh dosh, their Kundalis have matched and united, and now Lakshmi’s strong Kundali has become powerless, the threat is on Lakshmi, and her life has fallen into peril. Neelam asks what is he saying. She instructs him to not say this to anyone. She is shocked to see Rishi at the door. Virender asks Lakshmi to not worry, he will go and ask Neelam to stop the marriage.

Lakshmi tells that she said no to Dadi’s slap warning. She wants to marry Vikrant. She tells that she is ready for this marriage. Virender tells that he is okay with her decision. Dadi cries and accepts her decision. Vikrant’s mom asks him to take an off from the office and prepare for the marriage. He asks her not to worry, and he will handle everything. He is happy to get a nice girl like Lakshmi. He asks his mom to take care of her. She tells that she is waiting for Lakshmi to come home. She hugs his mom. She blesses him. Rishi asks Badrinath what was he telling Neelam and she appears shocked.


She lies about the early mahurat. Rishi tells that he is okay with the date and he will make the arrangements. He asks Neelam not to take the stress. Neelam asks him to inform Virender and Dadi. Rishi asks Badrinath if he has said anything superstitious or worrying. Neelam lies to him. Rishi tells that he can do anything for Lakshmi’s happiness. He thanks Neelam for thinking of Lakshmi. He goes away. Neelam thanks Badrinath for not telling Rishi about Lakshmi. She asks about any solution. Badrinath tells that there is no solution, Lakshmi’s life will be threatened a few times and she has to handle the problems herself.

He says that he can’t tell anything further, Lakshmi might get saved from the problems but he can’t help her. He gives her the dates and times when Lakshmi’s life will fall into danger. He asks her to do her duty and protect Lakshmi. He wants to see what’s written in Lakshmi’s fate. Neelam thanks him. He makes a leave. Neelam worries for Lakshmi’s life. Rishi tells Lakshmi that the mahurat for marriage is after a week. Dadi and Virender get sad. Rishi also feels like crying. Dadi greets Badrinath. Virender asks him to sit for a talk. He tells that he is happy to see Badrinath back. Badrinath says that he will always pray for the family and he has nothing wrong in his heart for anyone.

Dadi asks him if everything is okay. Badrinath hides the truth from them and leaves. Rishi and Lakshmi get sad. He says that she will go from the house and they will get deprived of her. Karishma meets Neelam. She tells that she is happy Lakshmi is going away. She calls Lakshmi unlucky for them. Neelam tells that they have to think about Oberois’ respect and make good arrangements for Vikrant’s family. Karishma goes away.

Neelam wants to see the dates and keep Rishi away from Lakshmi. She doesn’t want Rishi to fall into danger because of Lakshmi. She tells that she doesn’t wish badly for Lakshmi. She thinks of Rishi first. She finds the dates and worries. She tells that the first threatening date is today itself. She tries to make Rishi away. Virender tells Rishi that Gitanjali is ill and she can’t attend the important meeting.

Rishi tells that she has to be there. Virender asks who will go from their family. Lakshmi asks if she can go and help them. Virender asks if can she manage it. Rishi tells that she can manage it well. Neelam meets them and learns that Lakshmi has to leave for official work. She thinks Lakshmi will get attacked for sure. She wants to send Lakshmi away from the family. She thinks if Lakshmi will get saved or not. Rishi explains to Lakshmi about the meeting. She asks him not to get nervous. He tells that he is nervous about her. She tells that she trusts him. He asks her not to smile, or else he will forget himself. They both have a moment when he teaches her to make a serious face. She laughs seeing his serious face. They share a laugh.


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