1 iconic twist in YRKKH begins a new track

1 iconic twist in YRKKH begins a new track

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1 iconic twist in YRKKH begins a new track. Abhimanyu finds the truth of Abhir’s truth by listening to the audio recording that has Abhinav’s confession. He then recalls their conversation. He remembers that Abhinav has revealed the truth to him in a drunken state. Abhimanyu breaks down emotionally when he realizes that Akshara is taking Abhir away from him. He asks Akshara to look at him, meet his eyes and talk to him. He wants her answer about hiding the truth from him. He asks her to hand over the medical file to him. He wants to confirm the truth by checking the file once. When Akshara refuses to give the file, her fear confirms the truth to him. He blurts out that he is aware of the truth that Abhir is his son. Akshara didn’t know that he has got to know the truth.

He questions her rights for keeping a father and son separated. He doesn’t recollect that Abhinav and Akshara had called him to tell about his child, and when he refused to hear anything from them. He tells that she can’t keep his son away from him. She tells him that he might be the biological father of Abhir, but he has no right to him. She further states that he isn’t deserving to be Abhir’s father. Her words strike Abhimanyu. She counts Abhinav’s hardships in raising Abhir and giving him a good life. She tells that only Abhinav deserves to be Abhir’s father by all the rights. She narrates the times when Abhinav has been there for Abhir as a father.

She tells that Abhinav deserves Abhir and this is her decision. She takes the decision as the right of Abhir’s mother. He shouts that he is Abhir’s father. She tells that Abhinav Sharma will always be Abhir’s father, and Abhimanyu can just be Abhir’s Doc man and Mausa/uncle. She taunts that Abhimanyu can never become Abhir’s father. Abhimanyu’s face turns pale and gloomy. He loses out in life’s biggest battle when Akshara denies giving him any rights to her son, after all, he had rejected to accept his son when she wanted his support during her pregnancy.

She makes Abhimanyu realize his mistake. She gets bitter-tongued to make him accept the truth. She tells that she will never allow Abhimanyu to become Abhir’s father. Abhimanyu is filled up with rage, regret, and reckoning over the past. How will Abhimanyu deal with this truth? Will he let Akshara take Abhir away from him? Keep reading.



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