Preeran meet in Kundali Bhagya 24th April 2023

Preeran meet in Kundali Bhagya 24th April 2023

Preeran meet in Kundali Bhagya 24th April 2023 Kundali Bhagya Written Update Khurana finds Palki upset and goes to talk to her. She finds him upset too and asks the reason. She tells that she knows him well because she is his daughter. He tells that he is her father and even he knows her well. He adds that she isn’t happy with the alliance forming with Ketan, and he can see this. She admits that she isn’t happy with this relationship. She doesn’t tell that she likes Rajveer and wants to marry him. Khurana asks her to refuse the marriage. On the other side, Preeta finds Karan in her locality. She doesn’t recognize him by his face which is already new to her, plus her memory loss. She still feels a connection with him and pauses her steps there. Karan looks around when he senses Preeta. Will Karan and Preeta eventually meet? Keep reading for a full update.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan confronts Damini about Tulsi’s message. He asks her how did she get to know it. Radha tells that Damini is the reason for Tulsi’s death, she was involved in Tulsi’s murder and that’s why she knows everything. Tulsi wants Damini to confess her crime when she has told everything to Radha already. She hopes she gets justice and Radha helps her seek it. Damini admits that she has killed Tulsi. Her confession shocks Mohan. Mohan asks Damini what she means. She tells that she has killed Tulsi and also Mohan’s love. She changes her words and asks Radha if is she happy to hear this. She tells that she didn’t kill Tulsi, Mohan never listened to Tulsi’s wrong words and Tulsi committed suicide because her ego got hurt.

She adds that Tulsi didn’t think of Mohan and Gungun, and left their lives in her anger. She confesses that she disliked Tulsi, and didn’t regret her death, because she felt she will finally get Mohan. She admits that she did wrong in to hope to win her love. She manipulates Mohan by sharing a sorrowful story. She tells that she is tired of loving him for 12 years. She adds that she wants Radha to die as well. Mohan loves Radha a lot. He can’t hear anything ill about Radha. Tulsi and Radha fail in proving Damini wrong.

Preeran meet in Kundali Bhagya 24th April 2023:

Preeta tells that Rajveer and she will leave now. She asks Daljeet to carry on. Daljeet and Khurana ask Preeta to stay back in the marriage discussion. Preeta states that she has some important work. She takes a leave. Rajveer sees Palki and leaves. Khurana asks Mahi not to get obsessed with Shaurya. He tells that the tea fell over Preeta’s foot. Mahi tells that Preeta was into some thought. Daljeet tells that they will meet at the engagement.

Ketan and his parents leave. Khurana finds Palki upset and goes to talk to her. Daljeet likes Shaurya and tells that Mahi should marry him. Mahi blushes. Palki asks Khurana does he want something. He asks her to trust him. He asks her not to lie to him and just say if she isn’t happy with the alliance. She admits that she isn’t happy to get married and leave her family behind. She gets emotional about leaving her Maayka. He asks her if she is happy with Ketan’s alliance. She nods to him. He hugs her and they weep emotionally. He says that he is always with her.

Palki sees Daljeet at the door. She wants Daljeet and Mahi to stay happy. Mohit asks Rajveer about Palki’s marriage getting fixed. Gurpreet asks him to stop the drama. He wants to know about the guy. Preeta tells that they heard about Palki’s alliance getting fixed a year ago. He asks if the guy is Ketan. Preeta tells that Rajveer and Palki’s marriage would have got fixed if the case was something else. Preeta praises Ketan. Rajveer gets jealous and tells that Ketan isn’t so good. Preeta teases him. Mohit tells that nothing is hidden to him and he also knows about Rajveer’s liking for Palki.

Preeta tells that Rajveer is sad. Sanju comes to meet Shaurya. They have drinks. Shaurya shares the good news that he has won the style awards. Sanju congratulates him. He tells Shaurya that Vinni was asking about him, she likes him and wants to go on a date with him. Shaurya refuses to go with Vinni. He tells that he would like a girl who is totally different. Palki tells Mahi that sometimes they have to make compromises for the family’s sake and that’s called life. Mahi questions her about Rajveer. She asks Palki if she likes Rajveer. She knows Palki likes Rajveer, who is a nice, sweet, and simple guy. She tells that Rajveer and Palki look good together. She adds that she had seen them lost in each other’s eyes.

She asks Palki not to marry Ketan. Palki goes to get the clothes from outside. Palki meets Rajveer. They have a moment. Nidhi shouts at Girish. Karan asks her to calm down. He tells her that she can send lunch to the office later. She wants everything to be perfect. He asks her not to scold Girish. Bani asks Karan to drop Kareena and her at the temple. He apologizes to her. He tells that he has no belief in their prayers. Nidhi asks them not to force him. Bani calls him wrong. Kareena asks him to just drop them off and go to his office. Karan agrees. He apologizes to Bani.


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