Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023 Written Update Malady

Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023 Written Update Malady

Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023 Written Update Malady. Ranbir tells Ashok and Akshay that he is really lucky to have Khushi, and he might have got blessed that she came into his life. Prachi corrects him and tells him that Khushi came into their lives. While they argue for Khushi, the doctor informs them that Khushi’s condition is very critical because of much internal bleeding. The doctor tells them that the medicine is not affecting Khushi and they have tried their best. He asks them to pray because Khushi needs their prayers now. Ranbir and Prachi get upset and shed tears. They go to meet Khushi. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Damini changes the game and also her confession. She fails Radha’s game. Mohan tells Kadambari that he has to talk to Radha and stop her from making a big mistake. He adds that it can’t happen as Radha wants. Ketki tells Radha that she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Radha which happened with Tulsi in the past. Radha doesn’t think Damini can play the same game again and again, and win. She adds that she knows to come out of the trap.

Damini doesn’t think Radha can find an escape route from her trap this time. She tells her mom that Mohan will remove Radha from their way before Radha reaches their secret. Mohan stops Radha from going to the office. Radha tells that she has to leave. Mohan tells that his life will get incomplete without her. She angrily tells him that he loves Damini and his life is complete with Damini. He tells that he doesn’t love Damini, and he loves Radha. Radha is taken aback by Mohan’s confession. How will Damini separate Radha and Mohan? Stay tuned for more news and spoilers.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2023 Written Update Malady:

Ranbir meets Ashok and tells him that he is okay. Ashok tells that Ranbir and Prachi are good people and that good will happen to them. He is proud of them. Ranbir tells that Khushi has done a big thing for them. He feels fortunate that Khushi is in his life. Prachi tells that Khushi has come as a blessing in their lives. Ranbir and Prachi love Khushi a lot. Ashok asks them to understand the depth of love. He tells that Rhea came to help Ranbir without thinking of herself, and Akshay was broken in his worry for Prachi. Ranbir tells that Akshay loves Prachi a lot.

He has seen Akshay who came to save Prachi by leaving everything. He tells that Akshay and Rhea didn’t think of their lives and came to save them. Prachi asks the nurse about Khushi. The nurse tells that she can’t say anything. Sahana tells Prachi and Ranbir that Khushi is critical. Prachi runs to see Khushi and falls. Akshay holds her in his arms and scolds her asking her to be careful. He panics. Ashok asks him to calm down.

Prachi goes to Khushi. Sahana asks Akshay not to worry, and Prachi is fine. Akshay hopes that the day ends soon. The doctor tells the family that Khushi has many internal blessings and her condition is critical, no medicine is working on her, but they are trying their best. He tells that they need divine help. He asks them to pray for Khushi. Prachi runs away from there. Ashok feels unwell. Akshay attends him, while Sahana gets late in helping a nurse. Ranbir goes after Prachi. They both break down and pray for Khushi. He feels shattered. Ranbir cries a lot.

Prachi reaches the temple and asks Matarani to save her child. She tells that she will pray for Khushi and not leave until she learns her daughter is okay. She challenges her devotion. The doctor worries about Khushi’s unstable vitals. The people see Prachi hitting the temple bell. Ranbir goes to see Khushi and weeps. Prachi wants Matarani to see her pain and accept her prayer. Ranbir and Prachi offer prayers. Ranbir gets glad that Khushi is now stable. He runs to the temple and stops Prachi. She faints in his arms. He sprinkles water on her face. He asks her to open her eyes. He tells that Khushi got saved and she is out of danger now. She gets happy that her prayer is answered. Prachi thanks Matarani.

Sahana tells Dida that Prachi might have gone to the temple to pray for Khushi. The nurse gives the good news that Khushi is out of danger. Pallavi tells that Khushi gave a new life to Ranbir. She blesses Khushi. The nurse asks them to meet Khushi later. Prachi tells Akshay that Khushi is okay. She wants to meet her. The nurse stops her and tells her that it’s not allowed. Prachi tells that she is Khushi’s mom. Ranbir and Akshay ask the nurse to allow Prachi. Prachi tells that Khushi will feel better after seeing her. She begs her to let her see Khushi once. The nurse asks her to come back in five minutes.

Prachi meets Khushi. Khushi gets conscious. Prachi gets glad to see her and hugs her. Khushi asks about Ranbir and if he doesn’t love her. Prachi tells that he loves her a lot. Khushi tells that he would have come to meet her. Prachi tells that Ranbir has come for her sake. Khushi feels pain. She tells that she feels relieved seeing Prachi and Ranbir. Prachi calls her brave. She asks Khushi to get okay soon. Khushi falls asleep. Ranbir and Prachi worry for her.


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