YRKKH Abhinav befitting reply 26th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Abhinav befitting reply 26th April 2023 Written Update

YRKKH Abhinav befitting reply 26th April 2023 Written Update. Abhinav wants Abhimanyu to vent his anger. Abhimanyu tells that he isn’t shameless to not say thanks to the person who raised his son well. He thanks Abhinav and calls off their friendship. Abhinav tells that he isn’t an enemy. Abhimanyu scolds him for not telling him about Abhir. He tells that he is a bad person, but not a bad father. He gets emotional and tells that he is trying to become a better person and a better father. Abhinav tells that he felt Abhimanyu is happy in his world. Abhimanyu asks him if he felt bad that the truth came out. He accuses Abhinav of keeping him away from his son. He adds that once he does Abhir’s surgery, then he will see who makes him away from Abhir.

Akshara witnesses their argument and gets angered that Abhimanyu is accusing Abhinav. Aarohi is also shocked to learn this truth. She didn’t expect Abhimanyu to learn it so soon. Akshara tells Abhinav that he doesn’t deserve this. She tells that Abhimanyu isn’t his friend now. Abhinav tells that Abhimanyu has given him pain because he just has it. She tells that he should be more sensitive if he is in pain. Aarohi breaks down. She doesn’t know what to do. Kairav gets angry when he learns that Abhimanyu has postponed the marriage for Abhir’s surgery. He fears that Aarohi’s life will be ruined. Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir learn this news. Abhir feels guilty. Kairav tells that it’s better if the marriage doesn’t happen.


Goenkas discuss Abhimanyu’s decision. Abhimanyu recalls Abhinav’s words. Manjiri reaches him with Ruhi. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu why did he postpone the marriage. She requests him to marry Aarohi. He tells that he loves her and she is the world’s best daughter. He adds that he is stuck in his life. He tells that Abhir is not well, so he is scared and wants to focus on Abhir’s surgery. He explains to Ruhi about Abhir’s medical condition. Ruhi asks him if he will become her father or not. Abhimanyu finds it hard to give his word. Manjiri feels Akshara has pulled back Abhimanyu from his happiness. Akshara gets stuck in the rain.

She finds Abhimanyu there. He asks her if he shall forget Abhir in his life. He wants Abhir to become a part of his life. Akshara asks him to do anything he wants. She tells that it’s much more complicated for her. She adds that she was helpless in her life because of him, but Abhinav and she made a family with Abhir, and now they can’t let their family break if Abhimanyu has learned about Abhir. She tells that she doesn’t want to come between their relationship. She adds that Abhir can’t stay without Abhinav. She doesn’t want Abhir to stay in any confusion. He tells that Abhir has a right to know the truth.

She explains that he can’t ruin their world. He tells that he is Abhir’s father and he too has emotions. She tells that he wasn’t there at the time of Abhir’s birth. She counts the times when he was needed for Abhir and he was absent. He tells that he was in sorrow over his twin’s loss. He adds that Abhir is his son and this truth will never change. Abhimanyu comes home to face Aarohi. She tells that she knows he is mad for Abhir. She apologizes to him for reacting much. He also apologizes to her. She asks him to think of Ruhi’s trust. Later, Abhinav gives a befitting reply to Abhimanyu.


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