Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update Joyous Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update Joyous Karan

Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update Joyous Karan. Ketan and Jasbeer arrive at the jewelry store. Jasbeer tells the salesgirl about her son’s engagement. She asks her to show some designs. The salesgirl tells them about the early bird discount bagged by Palki. She says that they would have got the discount if they had come before Palki. She says that Palki got a discount of 25% because she has come with her would-be husband first. Ketan and Jasbeer are shocked to see Palki and Rajveer. Palki explains that the salesgirl misunderstood her, and she was just waiting for Ketan. Shaurya also lands at the same jewelry store. Shaurya will be meeting Palki once again and find her different than the rest. Karan gets Preeta’s presence confirmed by a few people at the temple.

The poor people tell him that they have seen Preeta who donated food to them. Karan is hugely surprised to know he isn’t imagining her and that she exists. He wants to find her and prove to everyone that she is alive. Karan gets a new hope in his life. He thinks once he finds Preeta, he will take her home and give her the deserved place. He is amazed thinking Preeta has come back in his life. Karan feels he has won everything in the form of Preeta. He rushes to reach Preeta’s place. After three weeks of hide-and-seek twists in the track, Karan finally gets to know that Preeta is alive. He gets hell-bent on finding her. The track gets interesting. Keep reading for a quick full update on Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2023, once the episode releases on Zee 5.


Radha Mohan:

Radha gets a parcel. She tells that there is no name on it. She gets to see a Matarani drawing. A mysterious person watches Radha and wants her to go ahead with her work. She tells that she will do her work and make Radha reach the secret before Damini plans anything. She takes the responsibility of supporting Radha. Who is the mysterious lady? Stay tuned.

Kundali Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update Joyous Karan:

Mahi calls up Palki and asks her to buy some great jewelry designs. She tells that she has to meet Ketan and talk about the project. Palki asks her to take a breath. Mahi tells that she is very excited. She adds that Ketan can cast her in his movie. Palki smiles hearing her plans. Shaurya reaches the showroom. He hits a bike. Palki witnesses this. Shaurya and the bike owner have a talk. The man asks Palki to testify against Shaurya. Palki tells that it’s Shaurya’s mistake. Shaurya asks her not to lie. She tells that she isn’t lying. Shaurya tells that it’s not his mistake.

Constable asks Shaurya to come with him. Shaurya tells that he has to go somewhere. Constable takes him. Shaurya gets angry at Palki. Rajveer tells the lady that Palki has to buy the ring. The lady tells that the guy buys the ring for the girl. She adds that he reminded her of her son. He asks her not to feel sorry for giving love. She asks him to select a ring. Rajveer checks a ring and likes it for Palki. Palki comes back to the showroom. She finds Rajveer selecting a ring for her. He shows the ring he liked. Palki tells that it’s really nice.

The lady tells that Rajveer’s choice is good, after all, he chose Palki. Ketan and his mom come there. Shaurya gets troubled by the police. He has to go to the awards ceremony and reach on time. He offers money to the man. He unwillingly strikes a deal. The man agrees and accepts the offer. Shaurya sends the money to him and leaves there. He tells the constable that their issue is resolved. He adds that he will not forgive Palki. Palki tells the salesgirl that Rajveer isn’t her boyfriend. Ketan and his mom arrive there. Rajveer and Palki greet her. He tells that he just came to drop Palki.

The salesgirl tells Ketan about Palki and Rajveer getting a special discount. Ketan and his mom question Palki when the salesgirl calls Rajveer Palki’s fiancé. Rajveer feels worried for Palki. He collides with Mahi and apologizes. He tells that he came to drop Palki. She asks him to come with her. He tells that some guys were teasing Palki, so he had taken her inside. She asks him to be with her. She flirts with him. Shaurya is much upset recollecting Palki.

Sanju asks him why is he so angry. Shaurya tells that he has to teach a lesson to Palki, who is troubling him. Sanju asks who’s the girl. Shaurya doesn’t remember her name. Palki worries for Jasbeer, who feels unwell. She asks Jasbeer to have some water. Jasbeer questions her about Rajveer. Palki tells that they have a misunderstanding. Ketan tells that he understood the common situation, that always arises in his films. Mahi meets them. She praises Ketan’s amazing movie. Jasbeer asks Rajveer why did he come again. Mahi tells that she got Rajveer with her.

Ketan tells that Rajveer and Palki won’t become a couple for real. He asks for a discount offer. Ketan doesn’t like the ring chosen by Rajveer. Gurpreet wonders why didn’t Preeta get married when she is so beautiful and good-hearted. She wishes Preeta was married to Karan because they would look good together. Ketan gets confused about the ring. Palki likes the ring chosen by Rajveer. She drops it. Rajveer picks up the ring and makes Palki wear it. They have a moment. Ketan asks Palki to try a ring. She hides the ring she is wearing.


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