Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2023 Written Update Muddle

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2023 Written Update Muddle

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2023 Written Update Muddle. Akshay tells that it’s a good thing if she is happy. He asks the reason. He adds that he is happy if she is happy. She tells that Khushi is her family. She doesn’t reveal that Khushi is her daughter Panchi. She tells that Ranbir has the first right to know the news. Akshay thinks she wants to tell Ranbir because he is emotionally attached to Khushi. Ranbir tells that if Prachi wants to be with Akshay then she can’t stay with him/Ranbir. He adds that if Prachi stays with Akshay, then he will not tell her about Khushi.

Earlier in the show, Akshay gets delighted to see Prachi happy. Prachi shares her happiness with Akshay. She hugs him. She is extremely happy and wants to share her happiness with someone. Ranbir runs to meet Prachi but finds her with Akshay. He gets depressed that he isn’t with his Prachi. He remembers his promise to Prachi that he will never leave her. He can’t believe how things changed between them. He wants to share the good news with Prachi that their Khushi is their daughter Panchi. He remembers Khushi who brought real joy in his life with her smile and support. He also remembers his promise to Khushi that he will stay with her forever.



Ayaan and Faltu suspect that Tanisha is behind the conspiracy. They know Tanisha isn’t their well-wisher. They want Tanisha to not cause any harm to Faltu’s cricket career. Ayaan tells Faltu that they have enough evidence against Tanisha and it’s good they are aware of their enemy to stay alert. Ayaan and Faltu gear up to face Tanisha’s evil. Sumitra and Sid are helpless to support Tanisha because of the latter’s richness. Ayaan tells Faltu that he will be more careful about Faltu’s diet till now. Faltu confronts Tanisha about spiking the food. She tells that she will not let Tanisha win. She challenges Tanisha. Tanisha tells that Faltu will lose her loved ones.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2023 Written Update Muddle:

Prachi asks Akshay did he see Ranbir. Akshay asks her why is she so happy. She tells that a miracle has happened. He asks her to say what is it. She is about to tell him about Khushi. She tells that Ranbir has the first right to know this news. She rushes to see Ranbir. Akshay asks why doesn’t he have the right to know the news. Ranbir weeps. He tells that if Prachi can’t stay with him, then he will never tell her that Khushi is their daughter. He decides to not tell the truth to her. Ashok comes to Ranbir and tells that he knows Ranbir loves Khushi a lot like a father. He adds that he understands Ranbir’s emotions. He asks Ranbir to believe him, and very soon Ranbir will see a good time.

Ranbir tells that good has happened. On the other hand, Laali meets the inspector and tells that she wants to meet Balbeer. Inspector doesn’t permit her. Balbeer tells that she will get him bailed out. Wilson tells that Laali should bail them out at any cost. Inspector scolds Laali. Laali argues with him. Inspector yells at the criminals. Wilson and Balbeer get into a fight with their jail mates. Ranbir rushes to meet Khushi. He gets emotional and cries happily. He tells that she is his Panchi, his daughter, and his life. He wants her to call him Bau Ji. He tells that he waited a lot for her, and now she has come back to him. She adds that she is back in his life. He adds that he should have understood that Khushi is Panchi.

He tells that nobody can snatch Panchi from him, because he can never lose her again. He asks her not to tell anyone that he is her real dad. He wants her to keep this secret. Rhea finds Ranbir crying. Pallavi asks why is Ranbir crying. Ashok tells that he saw Ranbir crying some time back. Prachi comes running to them happily. Rhea tells Ranbir that Khushi got okay. She finds Ranbir and Rhea together. She stops herself. Akshay wishes Ranbir and Rhea get together. Prachi tells Sahana that she is helpless now and she can’t tell Ranbir about Khushi, because Ranbir has moved on with Rhea.

She adds that she will not tell the truth to Ranbir that he is Khushi’s father. Ranbir gets the inspector’s call. He goes out to talk to him. Laali tells Inspector that she came to bail out Balbeer. He asks her to get out, else he will put her in the cell. He calls Ranbir and informs him about Balbeer. He tells that Balbeer and Wilson have run away from the jail. Ranbir is shocked to know this. Inspector asks him to stay alert. Ranbir gives the bad news to the family members. He tells that Balbeer and Wilson have escaped from jail and they might try to harm Khushi. He asks the family to stay careful.

Ranbir and Prachi get worried for Panchi. He tells that he will go and stop the goons from coming to the hospital. Prachi tells that she will not let anyone harm her daughter. She admits that she knows Khushi is her daughter. Ranbir asks her why did she say that Khushi is her daughter. She asks him if Khushi isn’t his daughter. Wilson and Balbeer run away to a safe place. Balbeer threatens a man and takes away his car. Prachi tells that Khushi is like her daughter and she loves her a lot. She lies to Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi hide the truth from each other. She stops Ranbir and tells him that she needs him.


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