Pandya Store Shweta marries Krish 4th May 2023

Pandya Store Shweta marries Krish 4th May 2023

Pandya Store Shweta marries Krish 4th May 2023. There is a big twist in Krish’s marriage. None of the family members get to learn about Krish’s bride getting replaced by Shweta. Shweta replaces Prerna with Rimjhim first and then takes Rimjhim’s place in the mandap. She takes the wedding rounds with Krish. Shweta becomes Krish’s wife because of Dhara’s blunder. When Dhara comes to the function and lifts the veil of the bride, the entire Pandya family is shocked to see Shweta. Prerna reaches the resort and looks for Krish. She faints down seeing Shweta as the bride. Prerna’s parents worry for her.

Dhara blames Shweta and Shivank for fooling Krish and Prerna. Shivank comes up with a drama, after deliberately marrying Prerna in the temple. He asks them about Rimjhim, the love of his life. Shweta says that she has no idea about Rimjhim and asks him to find out himself. Shivank asks Dev and Shiva to beat him if they doubt him. He tells Dhara he has no idea about the bride and groom swapping. He says that Dhara can’t blame him all the time. He adds that Pandyas is his only family and he doesn’t want to take any risk with them. He pleads his innocence. He tells Suman that the entire mistake is of Dhara. Dhara loses the challenge to Shweta, who proves her smartness yet another time.


Dhara tells Suman that she was just trying to get Krish married to Prerna. Dhara worries that Shweta has become Pandya bahu again. Shweta tells Krish that he can never get rid of her. Prerna is pregnant with Krish’s child and lands in a helpless situation after losing him to Shweta. What will Dhara do now? Will Krish be able to forgive Dhara for this huge mess? What will be Prerna’s future with Shivank? Keep reading for more news, spoilers, and updates.


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