1 best character in YRKKH gets hugely appreciated

1 best character in YRKKH gets hugely appreciated

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1 best character in YRKKH gets hugely appreciated. Abhinav’s character in the show has been the perfect one so far in the new season. Abhinav is seen as a perfectly sketched, simple, sweet, caring, loving, and selfless person who knows to keep relationships unconditionally. He doesn’t expect Akshara to love him back but is seen always supporting her selflessly. He doesn’t want Abhir to call him his father, knowing Abhir is fathered by Abhimanyu. Abhinav doesn’t claim his rights on Akshara and Abhir, but always fulfills his duties towards them. Abhinav is seen as a strong pillar of strength. His calm composure is his strength and makes him special. By far, the most sensible and balanced character without any flaws is Abhinav Sharma.

He becomes Akshara’s guide at times when she falls into a dilemma. He gives her the best advice and brings her onto the right path. Akshara values Abhinav and regards him as the best father for Abhir. Abhinav loves Abhir as his entire world but is also okay to share Abhir’s love with Abhimanyu. Abhinav shows that no insecurities can form any bitter feelings in his heart as Aarohi feels differently after knowing Abhimanyu and Abhir’s relationship. He loves Akshara by accepting her past and the complications. He doesn’t want anyone to misunderstand or humiliate Akshara. Abhinav proves to be a perfect husband and a perfect father. How far do you agree? Keep reading.






4 responses to “1 best character in YRKKH gets hugely appreciated”

  1. Kandiraja Avatar

    He is just a puppet who just says yes ma’am to akshara. He just supported her in hiding the truth and stay away from her family. For 6 years she is hiding from the family with her child but didn’t convince her to go to Goenkas. What kind of partner is he who can’t even motivate her to meet her parents for 6 years. Stop glorifying him.

    1. Suhana Avatar

      No, he has respected akshara ‘s decision. This is the problem . If the wife says yes then she is given the tag of agyakaari and if the husband respects his wife and says yes then he becomes a puppet or a jorhu ka gulam …..

      Think about it yourself
      Thank you

      1. Kavya Avatar

        You are right . I genuinely think a character like abhinav’s is very hard to find.!

  2. Sana Avatar

    Watch full episodes from the 1st day of Abhinav . he had asked Akshara to go her maika , but akshara doesn’t agree with that because she knows if she go there definitely something will happen … Now she is in problem because she came to Udaipur. Abhinav is very perfect husband and father too ,he know the value of family, ….what Abhimanyu is …a waste guy who doesn’t listen properly when something is mostttttt important … He is AMMA ka Ghulaam .. Really that manjiriii a waste character in that seriol … The correct one is Mahima mam and Anand sir…
    This seriol make us learn how to live , how family is made , how to handle a family , how to get ressloved from the problems ,,, now in that seriol Akshara Or Abhimanyu has to die … Not Abhinav.

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