2 new highlights in Anupama Anuj dramatic return

2 new highlights in Anupama Anuj dramatic return

2 new highlights in Anupama Anuj dramatic return. Maya wants Anuj to stay back with her. Anuj prepares to meet Anupama. He knows Maya has done a lot for him. He tells that he wants to go back to Anupama and apologize to her. He adds that he has realized his mistake after speaking to Anu. Anuj asks Maya not to stop him from meeting Anu. He tells that he didn’t understand things before. He wants to sort out the issues between Anupama and him. He remembers Maya’s craze for him. He tells that he is grateful to Maya for letting him meet Anu. He offers help to her. Maya asks him not to go. She expresses her love to Anuj. She knows he loves Anupama and he will be happy with her.

She explains that she wanted his happiness and left his life, but fate got him back to her, they should unite and he shouldn’t go back. Anuj asserts that he didn’t come for her sake but for Anu’s sake. He tells that he stayed at Dheeraj’s place so that he doesn’t give any wrong hope to Maya. He asks Maya not to have any misunderstandings in her heart and mind. He tells that he just loves Anupama and his daughter Anu. He apologizes to Maya. He wants her to understand that he can only love Anupama in his entire life.


Anuj gets a makeover and is happy to go back home. Anupama tells that her Anuj is coming. Kanta tells that Anupama has handled the pain of separation, but if her hope breaks after meeting Anuj, then Anupama won’t be able to handle herself. She doesn’t want to send Anupama to her Sasural until she gets satisfied with Anuj’s return. Maya keeps an eye on Anuj and fears his leaving. Anupama is afraid after hearing Kanta’s words.


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