1 big confession in YRKKH Must watch Sequence

1 big confession in YRKKH Must watch Sequence

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1 big confession in YRKKH Must watch Sequence. Akshara makes the biggest and the most unexpected revelation in front of Abhimanyu and his family members. Manjiri tells the Goenkas that Abhir is Abhimanyu and Akshara’s son. She regrets thinking the Goenkas have supported Akshara in her lie and cheating. She tells that if they knew about Abhir’s birth truth, then she will prefer to end ties with them. She doesn’t care to find the truth if they are innocent in the matter or not. She says that she doesn’t care if Akshara has cheated on them too. She adds that she has come to take her grandson Abhir with her. She just sees her rights on Abhir and forgets Akshara’s rights to him.

She tells the Goenkas that Akshara has kept her in darkness till now and mocked their feelings. She feels Akshara has laughed at Abhimanyu’s sorrow by snatching his son. She asks Akshara if she ever intended to tell the truth to Abhir’s father or not. She accuses Akshara and calls her wrong. She tells the Goenkas that there is another person who is equally responsible and wrong as Akshara. She names Abhinav Sharma. She rebukes him for stealing a child from his father. She says that people steal money, but Abhinav has stolen a child. She calls him a disgusting man and proves that her mindset is also like Abhimanyu, who also tagged Abhinav as disgusting for hiding Abhir’s truth.

Akshara can’t hear anything against Abhinav, who gave a new life to her and her child. She calls it enough and asks Manjiri to limit her words. She tells that Manjiri is at her door today for the sake of Abhir, but she should know that Abhir is alive today only because of Abhinav. She narrates Abhinav’s favors on Abhir and her. She tells that Abhinav isn’t a disgusting person but the best person in the world, who has unconditionally kept the relationship, unlike Abhimanyu who boasted of his true love but couldn’t keep their marriage.

She adds that Abhinav always stood by her, knowing Abhir is someone else’s child. She tells how Abhinav has raised Abhir and proved to be the best father for him. She angrily blurts the secret that Abhinav and she doesn’t share any marital relationship as a normal couple does, and they are just living their lives as Abhir’s parents. She adds that Abhir is their world and they have only focussed on his good upbringing. Abhimanyu and Manjiri are shocked to learn about Akshara’s namesake marriage with Abhinav. Abhinav gets misunderstood despite his generous efforts. Akshara chooses to stand by Abhinav and opposes Abhimanyu.






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