GHKPM 5th May 2023 Written Update Sai’s arrival

GHKPM 5th May 2023 Written Update Sai's arrival

GHKPM 5th May 2023 Update Sai’s arrival. Bhavani insults Amba and Satya. Sai controls Satya. Virat doesn’t think Sai and Satya deserve any happiness. He develops a hatred for them. Virat finds the divorce papers signed by Pakhi. Bhavani informs the family that Amba is Satya’s mother. He receives a letter from Pakhi and realizes that she has left the house. He finds it odd. He tries to locate Pakhi. He asks his team to find out about Pakhi and update him. Amba gets upset after meeting Bhavani. He worries that Satya isn’t able to forget Girja. Sai has made a sweet dish that reminds Satya about Girja. Amba tell that Sai thinks she is very smart, but she has spoiled their mood.

Savi tells Satya about Virat’s action-hero avatar. Satya sees the sweet dish and gets upset. Savi tells that it’s her favorite sweet dish. Satya cheers up because of Savi. Sai promises Satya that she will not let anyone insult Amba again. She tells him that she has made the mango sweet dish to cheer up Amba. She asks him to try the sweet dish. Virat worries for Vinayak, who needs his mother Pakhi. Bhavani wonders why did Pakhi leave after Sai married Satya. She tells that Pakhi should have gone much time before when Virat wanted to marry Sai. She blames Pakhi for ruining Virat’s life. Ashwini tells that Pakhi is hurt because of them.


She blames Bhavani for breaking Pakhi’s heart and hopes and triggering her to leave the house. Bhavani doesn’t want to get the blames on her head. She asks Ashwini if she couldn’t stop Pakhi from leaving. Ninad asks them to stop arguing and think of solving the huge mess. He can’t believe that Pakhi didn’t think of ill Vinayak and left him alone. The family pities Virat who didn’t get Sai and Pakhi. Sai learns from Vinayak that Pakhi left him. Vinayak asks her why didn’t she save his family from shattering. He asks Sai to come home for his sake. Sai comes to meet Vinayak. She asks Virat to let her meet Vinayak who needs her. Virat angrily asks Sai to leave, because she isn’t needed by anyone. He hates Sai for her decision. Keep reading for more updates.


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