Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update Rishabh sees Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update Rishabh sees Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update Rishabh sees Preeta. Nidhi and Karan get into a heated argument over Preeta. Karan doesn’t want to remember Preeta who suddenly left him and didn’t care for his feelings. Palki follows Shaurya to the green room and happens to see him with a girl. Shaurya asks the girl what she wants. She asks for a kiss. Shaurya kisses the girl and hugs her. Palki feels awkward and turns away seeing Shaurya’s romance going on. Shaurya asks who is hiding outside the door. Palki rushes away before getting caught. Rajveer asks her to stay hidden until he takes her on stage. He takes a disguise and covers his identity while planning to expose Shaurya on the stage in front of everyone. Rajveer finally makes a way and takes Palki to the stage and hinders Shaurya’s award ceremony.

Palki is scared of Shaurya, but has Rajveer on her side. He doesn’t let Shaurya accept the award and says that Shaurya doesn’t deserve to be called a youth icon because of his deeds. Rajveer goes on to expose Shaurya’s deeds in front of the media. Rajveer takes revenge for Palki’s insult. He takes a firm stand for her and wins her heart. On the other side, Rishabh is at some market, where Preeta is hanging out with Gurpreet. Preeta finds Gurpreet upset and asks her not to think much about Daljeet’s words. She takes Gurpreet to the chaat stall and tells her that her mood will get better in a second now.


She asks Gurpreet for more of the chaat. Rishabh overhears Preeta and turns to see her. Rishabh and Preeta will come face to face. Rajveer will defame Shaurya and get into a new enmity with him. Rishabh will reach Preeta and get certain that she is alive. It will be interesting to see when Rishabh informs Karan that Preeta is alive. Rishabh will become a medium for Preeta’s return to the Luthra mansion. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023.

Pandya Store:

Ruchi slaps Shweta and scolds her for ruining her daughter’s life. Shweta has cheated Krish and married him. The Pandyas get adamant that they will never accept Shweta in the family. Shweta lies to them and tells them that she is pregnant with Krish’s child. Shweta plays the pregnancy move and tries to gain their sympathy. She knows that Prerna is pregnant with Krish’s child and reveals it by taking it on her name. She tells that she has taken this step of marrying Krish just to give a father’s name to her child. She swears and tells Suman that it’s Krish’s child.

Rishita tells that it can’t be Krish’s child and they will get a DNA test done. Shweta tells that she isn’t scared of any test and she is ready for the test. Suman melts her heart knowing about Krish’s child. She accepts Shweta in the family for the sake of the child. She asks Dhara to get Shweta home. Shweta is happy to get an entry into the family. Krish finds Prerna upset and tries to stop her. Prerna decides to not keep any relationship with Krish and tells him that she will leave for Canada.

Shivank plays his part and makes Krish away from Prerna. Prerna hides her pregnancy news, after hearing Shweta’s pregnancy news. Shivank tells Prerna that he will support her. Krish tells that he will never accept Shweta and if his family accepts her, then he will leave the house and go to Canada with his love Prerna. Prerna breaks up with Krish and asks him to accept Shweta, who is his destiny. Shweta feels victorious that she has defeated Dhara, Prerna, and the entire Pandya family with her one big lie.

Kundali Bhagya 5th May 2023 Written Update Rishabh sees Preeta:

Rajveer comes across Karan. Karan asks him to be careful. He doesn’t see Rajveer’s face and calls him a son. Rajveer goes to the DJ and tells him that his wife is waiting for him backstage. DJ tells that he doesn’t have a wife, but a girlfriend. Rajveer tells that the girl just said about her pregnancy and is expecting to meet him. DJ gets happy with the news and rushes to meet his lover. Gurpreet and Preeta reach the market. She tells that Preeta is like her younger sister, and she would like to address her as Choti. Preeta tells that she is more than happy to hear this. Rishabh misses to see Preeta who crosses the road, while he is at the signal. He drives his car ahead and gets to see Preeta in the mirror.

He stops the car and rushes to find her. A girl hugs Shaurya and kisses him, while he asks her to stay away. She asks him not to take her away. Palki reaches there and misunderstands Shaurya while hearing the girl’s words. Shaurya calls the girls crazy for him. He hugs her. He sees Palki and is shocked. Palki runs away. He looks for her. Rajveer fools the DJ and takes him away. He asks the DJ if he respects girls and would help them. DJ tells that he would certainly help. Rajveer tells that he knew the DJ is a nice guy and wants his help. He shares Palki’s problem. He tells that his friend helped him many times, she is accused of theft, but she is innocent, she got framed by someone present in the event right now.

He asks the DJ to help him expose the culprit. He gives the pendrive and tells that it has the video footage. He asks him to play the video when he signals him. He apologizes to the DJ for fooling him. He praises the DJ for being such a nice person. He hugs him and thanks him. He gets to see Nidhi and walks out. Nidhi thinks she has seen Rajveer before. Palki thinks about what will she do if Shaurya catches her. She decides to face him and give him an answer. She tells that Shaurya has done wrong. She remembers Rajveer’s plan. She goes to meet Rajveer. Shaurya looks for her. He tells that he has seen Palki. He adds that his girlfriend will be unique, Palki can never fit in that role because she has troubled him a lot. Palki overhears him and gets angry.

Preeta and Gurpreet go to have spicy Panipuri. She asks Gurpreet to have spicy Panipuri and forget all the stress. Rishabh looks for Preeta in the market. He hears Preeta’s voice. Gurpreet asks Preeta how did she come to this chaat stall when she is new in Mumbai. She tells that even she doesn’t know this place. Preeta thinks for a while and gets dizzy. She tells Gurpreet that she doesn’t have an answer. She adds that she feels she has come to this chaat stall many times. Gurpreet asks her not to worry. Rishabh doesn’t see Preeta with Gurpreet. Preeta tells that they will go to Daljeet’s house now and explain to her not to get Palki married to Ketan.

Rishabh thinks about why is he looking for Preeta when he knows that she has passed away. But, he can’t deny that he has seen Preeta. He clears his mind and walks out of the market. Palki waits for Rajveer. The girl tells Shaurya that she likes him and wants to be with him. Shaurya replies that he respects her, but she isn’t his type. He jokes about Palki. Palki thinks Shaurya and his girlfriend are stupid and strange. Rajveer spots Palki and asks her to come along. She asks him what is he going to do. He tells that the award is going to get announced. He asks her to come with him. The girl tells Shaurya that she loves him. She asks if he likes Palki.

He asks her not to joke with him. Shaurya is asked to sing a song from his music album. Nidhi asks Shaurya to sing for his fans and also for his dad Karan. She wants Karan to hear Shaurya’s song and know his talent. Shaurya agrees to perform for Karan’s sake. Shaurya’s performance is announced. Rajveer asks Palki if is she ready. DJ gives the remote to Rajveer and wishes him all the best. Rajveer thanks him. Shaurya comes on the stage and delivers an amazing performance. The fans enjoy his performance.

Shaurya sits back with Nidhi. He gets invited on the stage to receive the style award. The organizer requests Karan to come on the stage and give the trophy to Shaurya. Karan goes to hand over the trophy to Shaurya. Rajveer shouts to stop them. HE snatches the trophy from Karan’s hands. Shaurya asks Rajveer what is he doing. Rajveer asks Palki to come on the stage. He tells everyone that Shaurya is a big singer, and he belongs to a rich and respectable family, but his true face isn’t good. He goes on to expose Shaurya’s truth.


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