1 wedding twist in YRKKH Akshara remarries Abhinav

1 wedding twist in YRKKH Akshara remarries Abhinav

1 wedding twist in YRKKH Akshara remarries Abhinav. Akshara tells Manjiri that nobody cared for her when she lost her babies. She feels Manjiri didn’t understand her pain, being a woman herself. She questions Manjiri why didn’t she come to find her. She says that Manjiri would have got her and also Abhir if she had come to meet her. Manjiri replies that she would have surely come to Akshara if she knew Abhir was coming into the world. Akshara asks her if she would take her home or just wait for Abhir’s birth to snatch him. She knows Manjiri would have never accepted her back, because she regarded her as Neil’s murderer. She reminds the bad past to Manjiri. She remembers Manjiri calling her a murderer. She tells Manjiri that Abhinav didn’t snatch her from Abhimanyu and he didn’t snatch even Abhir.

She shows Abhinav’s sacrifices to Goenkas and Birlas. She says that Abhinav had saved Abhir and her life, and gave a happy normal family to Abhir. She adds that Abhinav has always unconditionally loved Abhir and never missed any duty as a father. She reveals that Abhinav and she doesn’t have any relationship like a husband and wife, but still, they are the best parents for Abhir. Akshara’s revelation shocks Manjiri, who learns about the former’s sacrifices in raising Abhir.


Abhimanyu regrets the past when he lost Akshara and also Abhir. He wishes Neil didn’t leave them and that day got erased from their lives. Akshara learns that Abhimanyu is going to file a custody case to get Abhir. She feels she made a big mistake to not move on in her life with Abhinav when she had him in her life. She values Abhinav even more after Abhimanyu breaks her hopes yet another time. Akshara decides to remarry Abhinav and make their marital relationship turn real, as an answer to Abhimanyu’s custody case notice. Akshara and Abhinav stand against Abhimanyu to fight for Abhir’s custody. Akshara feels Abhimanyu never deserved her and doesn’t deserve Abhir as well. Who do you think deserves Abhir? Abhinav or Abhimanyu? Keep reading.


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