Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Sartaj digs Nehmat’s past

Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Sartaj digs Nehmat's past

Udaariyaan 8th May 2023 Sartaj digs Nehmat’s past. Harleen rebukes Nehmat for returning to Ekam’s life when things were settling for good. Sartaj doesn’t answer anything to Ekam and wants to see his desperation. He realizes that Nehmat and Ekam had a past. He reaches Nehmat to rescue her from everyone’s quiz book. He tells Harleen that she might have many questions to ask Nehmat. He asks her not to vent her anger on the lifeless things. He asks Nehmat to answer Harleen and end the matter. Jasmin is glad that Nehmat didn’t break down the family pressure. She was afraid that Nehmat will take her name and tell the truth to the family. Rupy and Satti want to know Nehmat and Sartaj’s relationship, if it’s true or not, and if Nehmat loves him.

Jasmin tells them that they should get Nehmat married to Sartaj to keep her away from Ekam and Harleen’s life. Rupy finds Jasmin sounding selfish. He suspects her. Sartaj tells Harleen that he would answer from Nehmat’s side. He tells her that Nehmat is in much pain and can’t answer anyone. He justifies Nehmat’s unexpected arrival in Moga. He tells that Nehmat didn’t know that he is bringing her to Moga and it was just a surprise for her. He adds that Nehmat is his fiancée and would-be wife. He asks Harleen to go away and stay with Ekam. Harleen worries about Ekam’s tension over Nehmat’s return.


She knows Nehmat’s arrival would trigger Ekam’s wounds. She wants Nehmat to stay away from Ekam and never hurt him. Sartaj wants to know Nehmat’s side of the story. He realizes that she belongs to a good family, but is struck by fate. Nehmat doesn’t want to become a reason for Ekam and Harleen’s sorrow. Ekam thinks Nehmat was helpless for some reason that she left him in the mandap. He recollects Sartaj and Nehmat’s dramatic entry and feels cheated. He thinks Nehmat ditched him because of Sartaj. He angrily hits his hand on the glass window and hurts himself. Ekam continues to hurt himself, while Harleen watches him helplessly. She comes in front of him and faces his anger. She attempts to stop his madness and make him accept Nehmat’s return.


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