Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Impressive

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Impressive

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Impressive Rajveer. Preeta asks Shaurya to whom is he so angry that he is venting his anger on himself. She asks him not to punish himself. Shaurya wonders how Preeta knows him so well. Rajveer and Karan meet at the hotel auction. Rajveer makes a winning quote and wins the auction. Rajveer tells that when Karan was winning, he didn’t like it and thought what move to make to get the victory on his side. He adds that he used his mind and did something that impresses one and all. He makes a thoughtful move that wins hearts. He thanks Karan for his teaching. He taunts that Karan’s teaching didn’t come to use. Karan loses to Rajveer but feels happy about it. He is impressed by Rajveer’s business tactics and skills and wishes that his son Shaurya was also like Rajveer. Rajveer thinks he had used the chance to hurt Karan and his business, but he doesn’t know that he has won Karan’s heart. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023.



The kids get jealous of Imlie and Kairi’s friendship. They lock Kairi in the room and scare her by making strange sounds. Kairi falls. Imlie holds her in time. She learns that the kids have troubled Kairi. She asks the kids why they trouble Kairi, who is the youngest. She cheers up Kairi and feeds her the tamarind. Kairi likes it a lot. Atharv calls the camp to speak to Kairi. Kairi goes to talk to Atharv. Imlie is thankful that Kairi is strong and has handled herself well.

Atharv panics that Kairi didn’t come on call. Chini asks Atharv to calm down, or else Kairi will get upset. Kairi speaks to them and asks why did they keep her away from tamarind till now. Chini hears Imlie’s name and gets worried. Imlie goes to the store to get the guitar fixed. Chini and Atharv are also in the same market. Atharv is at the store. He turns to see Imlie. Chini spots Imlie and thinks if she has seen Imlie or imagined her.

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update Impressive:

Preeta tells that Shaurya is very nice. He asks her not to behave sweetly with him. She tells that she will behave angrily with him from now. She asks him to get out of her house. She laughs and asks why can’t she behave sweetly with him when he has come home to meet her. She tells that she will make Kheer for him. She asks him to come along to the kitchen and have a chat. Rajveer tells his boss that his friend Mohit works in Karan’s company, Mohit can help them by telling them the quotations made by the Luthra family. He adds that he will come to the auction and only then Mohit will help them. Mehta tells that it’s unethical. Rajveer tells that Mohit will just give them an approximate quote.

He adds that he will give a solid answer to Karan and they will win the auction. He promises Mehta and convinces him. He tells that he will face Karan Luthra, he will take the first step towards ruining Karan, and he will use his mind and ruin the Luthra business. He knows he hates Karan a lot and his hatred will ruin Karan one day. He calls this the beginning of Karan’s destruction. Shaurya gets interested in watching Preeta prepare the kheer. She asks him to tell more about himself and talk to her. She adds that kheer making is a long process and they can talk till then.

He tells that he doesn’t know what to talk. She teaches him how to talk to strangers. She tells that he knows her now. He calls her Maasi. She laughs. She tells that he can ask about the family members. He tells that he knows who lives in her house. He tells her about his family members. She tells that everyone has one mom and one dad. She asks him to pass the steel box which has sugar stored in it. He asks if she will make him do the work. She tells that it’s just a small help. He gets the steel box and makes a glass container fall. She sees the oil spilled. He apologizes to her.

She tells that she is sorry to keep the box in the wrong place. She asks him not to step on the oily surface. He thinks if she steps on the oil then she will slip, fall, and get hurt, then Rajveer will get hurt, and he will cry seeing his Maasi’s condition. He attempts to make her fall, but then holds her hand. He tells that she would have fallen and got hurt. She smiles.

Mehta tells Rajveer that his name and reputation are at stake. He asks Rajveer not to break his trust. Rajveer tells that he won’t let Mehta lose the deal. Mehta gets worried seeing Karan and Rishabh coming. Rajveer wants to answer Karan. Mehta asks him to call Mohit and ask him for the quotations. Rajveer calls Mohit. He tells that Mohit got fired from his job. Mehta asks why did they come when their defeat is certain. Rajveer tells that he won’t let Mehta lose and asks him to trust him. Mehta tells that he can’t take a big risk. He wants to leave. Karan asks Mehta what is he doing here. Rishabh is surprised to meet Rajveer. Karan sees Rajveer. Mehta tells that Rajveer is his new employee.

Karan gives him advice and asks him not to lose his sense in haste, it’s business, and one has to use his mind. He wishes good luck to Mehta. The auction begins. The host Sanjay welcomes everyone to the auction. Rishabh tells that Rajveer has joined Mehta’s company. Karan asks him not to say that Rajveer hates Shaurya and that’s the reason he has joined their rivals’ company. Rishabh tells that it’s true. Preeta asks Shaurya why is he so angry and on whom he is punishing himself. Shaurya is upset with Karan, who had compared him with Rajveer. He lies that his dad loves him a lot. Preeta tells that the kheer is ready. She asks him to taste the kheer. He thinks how does she know him so well?

She feeds him the kheer with love. He thinks nobody fed him with love till now. He finds her very caring and thinks he can never hurt her to take revenge on Rajveer. She tells that he is just like a kid. He gets emotional and leaves in haste. She wonders what’s the matter that he stays upset with everyone. Sanjay explains the bidding rules. Karan tells that he likes the hotel location, so he has come to buy it. He thanks Rishabh for giving him the details of the deal. Rishabh tells that he is alert in business. Mehta asks Rajveer not to go anywhere, and just call his friend. The bidding starts. Rishabh wonders why did Mehta come. Rajveer introduces himself and offers a good deal to the hotel owners.

He tells that he will not buy the hotel, but work as a partner, he will help the hotel owners in paying off the loan and earning profits. He tells that Mehta’s company will also help the hotel owner with his wife’s medical treatment. He asks the man not to sell the hotel and instead accepts the partnership deal. Mehta asks what nonsense is Rajveer saying. The hotel owner likes Rajveer’s deal, despite Karan’s highest bid of 80 crores. Sanjay tells that the hotel owner has accepted Rajveer’s proposal. He congratulates Mehta. Rajveer stops Karan and thanks him for teaching the first rule of business. He repeats Karan’s words.


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