Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2023 Written Update Karan disclosure

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2023 Written Update Karan disclosure

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2023 Written Update Karan disclosure. Sandy meets Shaurya and learns the entire matter. He tells that they will not attack Rajveer directly, they will attack on his weakness, the point of attack is already known to Shaurya, that’s Rajveer’s close ones. He tells that Rajveer’s Maasi and his girlfriend Palki are his weaknesses. Shaurya agrees with Sandy’s idea but doesn’t think he should hurt Preeta. He has a soft corner for Preeta and believes she is genuinely good. Sandy convinces him to meet Rajveer’s family. Karan looks troubled. Rishabh finds Karan reacting strongly on little matters. He asks the reason. Karan finally opens up and shares his feelings with Rishabh.

He tells Rishabh that he felt like he has seen Preeta. Rishabh is amazed to know this. He has also felt the same as he has seen Preeta. Shaurya meets Preeta and tells her that he has come to meet her. She tells that it’s really sweet, but she knows that he has come to complain about Rajveer. She tells him that she got to know about Rajveer’s move of insulting Shaurya and his parents, and she was much upset with Rajveer. She adds that she scolded Rajveer for crossing his limits. Shaurya is surprised that Preeta is still supporting him, despite knowing the fact that he had done wrong with Palki. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2023.



Maitree breaks down after getting much humiliated. She goes to the bridge and weeps. She looks down. A guy comes there and pulls her hand. He saves her from falling down. She closes her eyes. He gets to see her. Ashish swears to go away from Nandini. He tells her that she can never find him if he goes away. He is much hurt by her move. Maitree comes to the event venue. She gets to see the same guy who saved her life. She scolds him for being a stalker and following her. He tells that he didn’t come after her. She asks him why did he come. He says I love you and stuns her.

Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2023 Written Update Karan disclosure:

Sandy meets Shaurya. Shaurya asks how did he come to his room and if his family allowed him. Sandy tells that Rishabh stopped him and blamed him for Shaurya’s mistakes. Shaurya tells that his mood is terrible because of Rajveer. Sandy tells that he got to know everything about Rajveer and Palki’s drama at the award function because the news has become headlines in all the newspapers. Shaurya gets angry after seeing the headlines. He tells that he felt powerless and helpless when Karan didn’t support him. Sandy tells that Shaurya should return the pain to Rajveer and target his Maasi and girlfriend.

He tries to explain that they will not attack Rajveer directly and multiply his pain by attacking Preeta and Palki. He tells that Rajveer won’t be able to tolerate the pain. Shaurya likes the idea. He tells that they will go to Rajveer’s house to hurt his Maasi. Rajveer is sure that his day will be good because Preeta has blessed him. Palki sees him and gets nervous. She hides from him. Mahi finds Palki hiding and asks her about the matter. Palki laughs hearing Mahi’s cheesy lines. Karan tells Rakhi that he forgot to take the car keys. She tells that she will get it. Rishabh asks Karan why did he come back. Karan tells that he came back to get the car keys. Rakhi goes to get the keys.

Rishabh tells that his new phone doesn’t have the network. He asks Karan what’s happening, and why didn’t Nidhi come downstairs. Karan tells that she is upset with him. Rishabh tells that he will talk to Nidhi. Karan tells that there is no need to talk to her. Rishabh doesn’t want unhappiness to spread in the house. Karan remembers his argument with Nidhi. He tells that he wants to tell the matter to Rishabh before Nidhi tells him. Rishabh asks what is the matter. Karan discloses that he felt like he has seen Preeta. Rishabh is shocked. He asks him did he see Preeta near the signal. Karan asks what is he saying. He adds that he felt he has seen her at the temple.

Rishabh doesn’t want to tell Karan that he has also seen Preeta. He doesn’t want Karan to lose his mind. Rakhi gets the car keys and gives it to Karan. Rishabh wonders if Preeta is really around since they both have seen her. Karan wants to know if Preeta is alive. Preeta feels like she has heard his voice. Gurpreet asks her to take care. She goes to the market. Shaurya and Sandy reach there. He is glad to have a plan. He tells that they have come to trouble Rajveer’s Maasi. Sandy tells that they have to change the plan if Rajveer isn’t at home. Shaurya tells that the plan will not change, and he doesn’t care about Rajveer’s presence.

Shaurya goes to a stall to buy a betel leaf. He tells that the betel leaf is amazing. He tricks the stall owner and asks him about Rajveer. The man tells that Rajveer just left and he isn’t at home. Shaurya goes to meet Preeta. Rajveer impresses his boss Mehta. He learns about the company bidding for the hotel against Karan Luthra’s company. The other person tells that Karan is unpredictable and he will try his best to bag the deal. Rajveer gets a golden chance to attack Karan’s business. He wants to snatch the hotel deal.

Sandy tells that he is proud of Shaurya, who is going to hurt Rajveer’s Maasi and teach her a lesson. Preeta welcomes Shaurya and Sandy home. Shaurya tells that Sandy is his friend. She asks how is he doing. He tells that he is good. Sandy gets Rishabh’s call. He tells that Rishabh always scolds him. She asks how can someone scold such good kids. She asks him to give the phone to him, and she will speak to him. Rishabh doesn’t hear her voice. He calls back again. She says that she will talk. Sandy tells that he will handle it. Shaurya tells that Sandy doesn’t want to get scolded in front of him. She tells that she doesn’t like to scold the kids. She asks him how did he come.

He thinks about how to harm her when she is so sweet. He tells that he has come to meet her. She tells that she knows it, he didn’t come to meet but to complain about Rajveer. She apologizes to him. She tells that she got to know how Rajveer has spoilt his special day. She adds that she has scolded Rajveer a lot, Shaurya’s anger is justified, he didn’t slap Rajveer because he is a nice man. She apologizes to him from Rajveer’s side. Shaurya asks her how she knows him so well. She tells that she doesn’t know it, she feels he is like family, and they have a strange bond. He tells that he doesn’t believe in the love concept and he doesn’t love anyone. She tells that one can’t live without love.

He tells that he doesn’t know about love. She tells that he just pretends it, or maybe he didn’t receive love in his life. She knows he is a very nice boy. He tells that he is a bad boy, everyone knows and says it. He loves to be called a bad boy. She tells that she will scold the people who call him a bad boy. She likes him a lot. She tells that he speaks what’s in his heart. She feels he doesn’t understand himself. He asks her not to behave sweetly with her.


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