YRKKH 10th May 2023 Written Update Roasted

YRKKH 10th May 2023 Written Update Roasted

YRKKH 10th May 2023 Written Update Roasted. Abhimanyu tells that he doesn’t care if anyone is hurt, but he wants his son. Akshara asks him if he will snatch Abhir from Abhinav and her. He tells that he isn’t snatching Abhir, but taking him back. He tells that he will take legal action and fight for his son. She asks him to do whatever he wants. They both challenge each other. She tells that a mother can conquer the world when she gets determined. He replies that a father can shake the entire universe when he is determined to get his child. They both decide to meet in court. Goenkas wait for Akshara. She returns home and tells them about Abhimanyu’s reply. Manish scolds Kairav for angering Abhimanyu. He blames Akshara for hiding the big truth for six years. He calls her wrong.

He is scared for Abhir. Kairav is ready to fight. Surekha tells them that Abhimanyu can go to any extent. Aarohi meets Abhimanyu and tells him that his decision will affect their relationship. She asks him didn’t he think of Ruhi. She tells that life doesn’t run by someone’s wish. She explains to him that he can’t leave Ruhi suddenly and expect her to understand this. He tells that Ruhi is important to him. She knows Ruhi will never accept Abhir in his life. He doesn’t find any logic in it. He asks if couples don’t have two kids. She tells that people have their kids, and he is already differentiating between Ruhi and Abhir and doing wrong with Ruhi. She wants him to not hurt Ruhi.


She tells that she will not tolerate seeing him ruin Ruhi’s happiness. Akshara tells that they have no option but to fight. Manish asks her why she lies to them. He gets angry with Akshara and Kairav, for spoiling the matter further. She tells that nobody can snatch Abhir from Abhinav and her. She adds that she has studied law to this day. She is ready to give any test as a mother. She tells that she will win the custody case at any cost. Ruhi meets Abhimanyu and asks him to accompany her to the PTM. Aarohi tells that he is busy and has other important commitments in his life. She tells Ruhi that she will come with her. Ruhi tells that Abhimanyu must come with her. She gets upset and asks Abhimanyu to keep his promise.

Abhimanyu tells that he will go with Ruhi. He asks Manjiri to handle the meeting with the lawyers. She assures that she will handle it. Suhasini wishes Akshara and Abhinav and asks them to stay strong. Akshara tells Abhir that she is going to give her law exam. She asks him to pray that she succeeds. He agrees to pray for both Akshara and Abhimanyu. Akshara worries. Kairav speaks to Neela and saves Muskaan from answering Neela about Raghav. Neela asks him to calm his anger and not make the groom’s family away next time. Kairav tells that Raghav wasn’t the right guy for Muskaan. Neela tells that he should keep his mind calm. Muskaan laughs hearing their funny conversation. He asks her not to worry about Muskaan, and he will find a good family for her. Muskaan likes him but isn’t able to express herself.

Manish and Kairav accompany Akshara and Abhinav to the lawyer’s office. They meet Manjiri and Anand there, who are representing Abhimanyu. Akshara’s lawyer doesn’t think Abhimanyu deserves Abhir’s custody. Abhimanyu’s lawyer bashes Akshara and Abhinav over their poor financial status and holds them wrong for hiding the truth from the child’s father. She further insults Abhinav and calls him an orphan, who doesn’t have any relation in his life. Abhinav wants to earn well for Abhir’s sake. He gets upset when Abhir praises Abhimanyu’s lavish house and expensive cars.


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