Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update Palki in danger

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update Palki in danger

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update Palki in danger. Palki gets scared of the rats and hugs Rajveer. He asks her not to hug him and scream. She tells that she is much scared. He tells that if anyone hears her screaming, then they will think he is forcibly hugging her. She tells that she is hugging him and she is feeling good. He looks at her stunned. He gets a hint of Palki’s feelings that she loves him. He also loves Palki but is tight-lipped about his feelings because of her alliance fixed with Ketan. He doesn’t want to hinder Palki’s happiness. On the other hand, Shaurya isn’t sensitive about anyone’s feelings. He wants to get Palki kidnapped and kept away from her house for a night so that she gets defamed and loses the good alliance. How will Rajveer protect Shaurya and expose the latter’s yet another evil plan to Luthras? Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya on 14th May 2023.

Main Hoon Aparajita:


Akshay gets mad at Mohini. He accuses her of her lie. He tells that he lost his family and his children because of Mohini’s big lie. He wants to kill her and get jailed. Aparajita stops him from committing the crime. She tells that his children need him even today. Akshay leaves Mohini with a warning, just for the sake of his children. He feels guilty for doing so wrong with Aparajita. Arjun tells Nia that Akshay got the pendrive and will soon find the truth. Disha meets Arjun’s dad and asks him to give her a chance to prove herself as the ideal life partner for Arjun. She promises to not disappoint him. She tells that she needs his blessings to begin a new life with Arjun. He tells that she didn’t wait for his consent, and shouldn’t act seeking his blessings now.

Aparajita tells Akshay that they can’t change society and its thinking. She wants to think the best for the children. She tells Akshay that Disha and Arjun should get married. She asks him to just do the right thing. He accepts his past mistakes. He doesn’t want his children to suffer. He tells that Nia will be heartbroken until she finds her true love, Arjun isn’t her true love, because Arjun is made for Disha. He tells that he accepts Arjun and Disha’s alliance. He wants to give Disha her rights. He tells her that he is Disha’s father and will give her every happiness she deserves.

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Update Palki in danger:

Rajveer and Palki get into a moment. He tells that he wanted her to stay behind because the room was locked for a long time, there might be lizards or rats and he doesn’t want her to get scared. He tells that she is just like Preeta. She jokes and asks if he will call her Maasi. He denies it and laughs. She shows the lights kept over the almirah. He thanks her. He gets scared of a lizard and jumps on a chair. She laughs watching him. She tells that he was saving her from lizards and he is so scared. He smiles watching her laugh. She asks him what happened to him. He tells that he isn’t flirting with her, but it’s a genuine compliment, her smile is nice and he means it. She smiles happily.

Shaurya’s goons reach Palki’s house to abduct her. Rajveer apologizes to Palki if she felt bad. She tells that she didn’t feel bad. She gets scared of a lizard and screams. She hugs Rajveer. He tells that the lizard has gone away, and if anyone sees them, then they will assume that he is forcibly hugging her. She tells that she is feeling good. He looks at her. She tells that she is sorry, she didn’t mean that, she meant she felt safe. He tells that he is very smart and understands everything. Mahi reaches there and finds them talking. He tells that Palki can tell him anytime if she needs help. She thanks him. Mahi smiles and likes Rajveer. He makes a leave. Shaurya is with his friends. He wants to know what happened at Palki’s place.

He calls the goon and asks what’s happening there. The goon tells that nobody has come out of the house till now. He asks Shaurya to chill. He tells that he will give him good news soon. Shaurya tells that he will go there and find out everything. Palki comes out of the house to fix the lights. The goons look around and go toward her. They see Rajveer coming and hiding. Rajveer helps Palki. He tells that he is scared, she might fall so he will fix the lights.

Ketan calls Palki. Rajveer asks her to take the call. Palki answers the call. He asks her if she has changed her mood and decision, if she doesn’t want to get engaged to him now, because of Rajveer. He asks her to stay away from Rajveer. She tells that Rajveer is a nice guy. She defends Rajveer and asks Ketan not to judge him so soon. She tells that she will talk to him later. The goons keep an eye on her. Rajveer tells that the lights are fixed. She tells that it’s in the storeroom. The goons wait for her to come outside again.

Khurana sees Rajveer and Palki work together. He praises them to be working as partners. He finds Rajveer very sensible, protective, and good-valued. He wishes that Palki’s fate is good. He shows the guest list to Daljeet. She asks him to call up everyone. She gives the task to Mohit. She tells that she has to go out to the market with Khurana. Mohit teases her. She asks him to stop the nonsense. Rajveer tells that Mohit has lost his mind. Mohit ends their friendship. He tells that he is leaving. Rajveer asks him to do some work. He gets into a moment with Palki. Mahi finds them together and thinks is there anything going on between them? Mahi asks Rajveer to fix the washroom latch.

Palki tells that she will call the carpenter if he can’t fix it. He tells that he will see it. The goons wait outside. Mahi thinks she will fall in Rajveer’s arms and he will fall in her love. She recalls setting up a romantic moment with Rajveer. She removes the latch deliberately. Shaurya and his friends reach Palki’s house. Shaurya asks the goons why aren’t they kidnapping Palki. The goon tells that he is really hungry. Shaurya asks them to go and have food, until then he will wait for Palki. He asks if anyone has seen them. The goon tells that nobody has seen them here. Shaurya tells that the day will be bad for Rajveer and Palki.


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