Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Update Anuj returns

Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Update Anuj returns

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Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Update Anuj returns. Anupama and Bhairavi leave from Gurukul. She thinks of Anuj, who would be coming to Samar’s marriage puja at the Shah house. She adds that she has forgotten about Anuj when she was scared of Malti at the Gurukul. She now remembers that she has to face Anuj. She gets tense. Bhairavi supports Anupama. The Shah family waits for Anupama and her daughter Anu, but not Anuj. Vanraj is surprised to see Kavya. Leela tells that they felt she won’t come. Kavya tells that she had to come as she had promised Samar and Anupama. She brings joy to the family. Anupama’s heart goes restless when she reaches Shah’s house. She finds Kanta and Bhavesh arriving there.

She misses Anuj. She buys a Gajra and fixes into her hair. She awaits Anuj and finally gets to see him coming. Vanraj thanks Kavya for coming. She asks him if he is okay. She tells that Leela has blamed her for his heart attack. He tells that she isn’t the reason. He feels responsible for the problems in her life. He asks her if she is happy by getting away from him. He is happy about her success. She tells that she has taken a break from work. He asks her if is everything okay. She thinks of Anupama and Anuj’s meeting. Anupama loses her slipper when she collides with someone. Anuj reaches her and makes her wear the slipper.

He expresses his love to her in his way. Anupama breaks into tears of joy on seeing him. Vanraj goes out and finds Anupama with Anuj. Anupama wishes Anuj says something. Anuj has nothing to say. He feels he is meeting her after 26 years. Vanraj wishes someone breaks their moment by intervening. Little Anu comes there with Maya. Anupama hugs Anu, who acts estranged. She tells that she missed her a lot. She asks Anu if she didn’t miss her mum. She wants to know if anything happened.

Anu doesn’t disclose anything. Anupama faces Maya. Anu leaves Anupama’s hand and goes to Anuj and Maya. Vanraj meets them. Anuj enquires about his health. Vanraj taunts him for losing his mind. He feels Anuj has a bad fate and a bad time. He adds that Anuj has left a diamond and chose a stone. Anuj tells that it’s his choice. Vanraj worries for Anupama. He finds Anupama crying. The Shah family isn’t happy to meet Anuj. He meets his family. He hugs Ankush to share his sorrow.






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