Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2023 Written Update Rishi love confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2023 Written Update Rishi love confession

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2023 Written Update Rishi love confession. Karishma asks Lakshmi to remove the mangalsutra of Rishi’s name. She takes Lakshmi to her room. She tells that Lakshmi has no right to Rishi’s mangalsutra and she has to wear the mangalsutra in Vikrant’s name. Lakshmi gets saddened. Shalu tells Bani that she has faith in Rishi, that he will always keep Lakshmi happy and support her, but she was wrong, Rishi and Lakshmi’s relationship is breaking now. She wishes Rishi and Lakshmi could stay together. Rishi sees Lakshmi removing his name’s mangalsutra and breaking down.

He can’t see tears in her eyes. He cries when he sees her crying. He tells that Lakshmi is his life. He goes to speak to Neelam. He confesses his feelings, that Lakshmi is his life, he is nothing without her and he loves her a lot. Neelam is stunned by his love confession for Lakshmi. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi on 19th May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Tulsi reveals to Radha that Damini had killed her. She recalls the scary fire incident which took her life. She adds that it was Damini’s evil conspiracy. Mohan tells Gungun that she doesn’t know Radha well, it’s just a year since they met Radha. Gungun tells that so much changed in a year, but just one thing didn’t change, that’s Mohan’s stern behavior. She tells that he is the same old Mohan, stubborn and selfish. She tells that if anything happens to Radha, then she will never forgive him. Tulsi asks Radha to stop. She shows Mohan and Gungun’s picture to her and stops her from going ahead. Radha decides to survive for Mohan and Gungun’s sake and returns to the world. Radha struggles to get a life. Will Gungun compel Mohan to find Radha? Stay tuned.

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th May 2023 Written Update Rishi love confession:

Anjana asks Vikrant to spare some time and come shopping. She tells that he should take Lakshmi for buying an engagement ring of her choice. He agrees. Neelam speaks to the pandit. She prays that Lakshmi goes away from Rishi’s life and he stays safe. She tells that she is a mother and it’s not wrong to pray for his safety. She gets Vikrant’s call. He seeks her permission to take Lakshmi along to buy an engagement ring. She permits him and asks him not to take permission always. She tells that he can talk to Lakshmi directly and decide things. He tells that he won’t like to do things without the elders’ permission. She asks him to take Lakshmi for jewelry shopping.

He calls up Lakshmi. He tells that he has called to request her to come along to buy the engagement ring. Lakshmi sees the engagement ring on her finger and thinks of Rishi. She tells that she will ask the family members. He asks her to say if she will come. She tells that she will come. Vikrant tells that he will come to pick her up. Karishma asks Lakshmi if Rishi isn’t around. Lakshmi tells that she has to go with Vikrant and buy a ring. Karishma finds Lakshmi wearing the mangalsutra and engagement ring. She drags Lakshmi to the room. Lakshmi asks about the matter.

Shalu and Bani get upset that Lakshmi is making her happiness away from her. They worry for Lakshmi, who is so selfless. Shalu tells that they pray for Lakshmi but she still gets sorrowful. Bani tells that Lakshmi is strong. They pray that Lakshmi stays happy. Karishma asks Lakshmi to look at herself in the mirror and if she can find something wrong. Lakshmi tells that she doesn’t understand anything. Karishma explains to her. She asks if Lakshmi is married or divorced. She asks why is she wearing Rishi’s mangalsutra. Lakshmi stops Karishma from breaking it.

Karishma asks her to remove it when she has no relationship with Rishi. She asks her to remove the Chuda/wedding bangles. She tells that Lakshmi got divorced a long time back and she is still wearing it. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and removes the bangles. Karishma asks her to hurry up and remove the mangalsutra as well. She tells that Lakshmi has no right to the mangalsutra now. She asks her to get ready to marry Vikrant and wear his mangalsutra. Lakshmi grows emotional and cries profusely while removing the mangalsutra.

Anjana calls Karishma, who informs her that Lakshmi has removed the bangles and mangalsutra. She asks Anjana not to worry, it will happen as she wanted, and Lakshmi will remove the bangles and mangalsutra. Anjana thanks her. Rishi hears this and wonders why did they make it a big issue. He goes to see Lakshmi. Lakshmi is still crying in her room. She reminisces about her beautiful moments with Rishi. Rishi witnesses this painful moment and cries. He also thinks of Lakshmi and his moments. He runs away from there. Lakshmi turns to see him but misses out.

Ayush finds Rishi crying and hugs him. He asks the matter. Rishi tells that he is okay. Ayush asks him to say what’s in his heart because he can’t hide his feelings from Lakshmi and him. Rishi tells that this didn’t happen to him before. He can’t see Lakshmi in pain. He tells that Lakshmi was crying a lot while removing the mangalsutra, and he felt her pain, his heart is also crying and he isn’t able to tolerate this pain. Ayush consoles him. He tells that Rishi loves Lakshmi. He asks Rishi to accept this. Rishi walks away. Ayush knows Rishi loves Lakshmi a lot. He wants Rishi to realize his love and act. He tells that Lakshmi also needs Rishi.


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