Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s arrest

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir's arrest

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s arrest. Sahana asks Prachi to have faith in God and also in Akshay. She tells that Akshay has promised Dida, Prachi, and her that he will find Khushi. She believes that Akshay will do something for sure. She adds that he sounded much more confident and he might have started to work on it. She wants Prachi to be tension free and wait for a day. Prachi wants Khushi at any cost. Ashok and Akshay hire a detective to find out about Khushi. Akshay is much worried for Prachi. He feels heartbroken thinking of Prachi’s sorrowful tears. He tells Ashok that Khushi is Prachi’s happiness and he shall find her. Ashok asks the man if he has found Khushi. The man answers that he is working on it.

He tells that he has already circulated Khushi’s pictures and that police are there at every check post to find her. Ashok knows Akshay madly loves Prachi. He wishes Prachi sees Akshay’s love once and accepts his proposal. Ranbir finds Khushi sleeping. He is worried for Khushi. He tells that until she is sleeping, he will take her to the orphanage. Ranbir takes Khushi with him, unaware that the police are looking for her. Inspector stops Ranbir and arrests him. Ranbir asks about his crime. The inspector arrests him for kidnapping Khushi. Keep reading for a full written update in Kumkum Bhagya on 18th May 2023.


Chandni stops Raunaq from killing Sanjot, and tells that they will exact their revenge by getting Sanjot punished for her crime. She tells that they shouldn’t take the law into their hands. Raunaq can’t believe that she has killed Avantika when she can’t do wrong even with an enemy. He tells that he will protect Roshni from Sanjot’s evil. Chandni tells that she didn’t kill Avantika and asks him to trust her. She keeps an eye on Sanjot and doesn’t let her know that Sanjot’s crime chart is exposed. She stays alert to fail Sanjot’s plans of harming Roshni. Sanjot learns that Sumer and Roshni are moving on and planning a new start on their world tour. She doesn’t want them to have a child. Chandni fails Sanjot’s plan in harming Roshni.

Kumkum Bhagya 18th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s arrest:

Prachi suspects that Ranbir has disappeared Khushi. Sahana tells that something was strange and abnormal because the Kohli family was pretending normal and trying to hide something. Prachi tells that she found something strange, she felt Khushi was around her, she got a weird feeling of peace that her entire family was with her, and she felt her entire world is with her in the form of Ranbir and Panchi. She tells that this moment happened at the time of Panchi’s birth when Ranbir said they are a perfect family. She tells that she didn’t get Khushi there, Ranbir was trying to distract her like he was hiding her. Sahana tells that Khushi would have come to her if she was there.

She asks Prachi to have patience and keep faith in Akshay. Prachi is hopeful to get Khushi. Ranbir wakes up and gets happy to see Khushi. He imagines Prachi with him and feels like a complete family. He worries that Prachi will take action against him as she warned him. He doesn’t want the situation to get spoilt. He agrees with the lawyer’s advice. He tells that he will take Khushi to the orphanage and request them for adoption. He wants to appear like a responsible father in front of Meera. He thinks he will take Khushi right away and drop her at the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Akshay takes care of Ashok. Ashok tells that he is missing the tea prepared by Prachi. Akshay asks him if he finds any flaw in Prachi. He admits that even he doesn’t see any flaw in her. Ashok tells that there can’t be any flaw in her. He asks Akshay about Khushi. Akshay tells that he has called Suhail to get his help in finding Khushi. Suhail arrives and updates them about Khushi. He tells that police will find Khushi at every check post. He is hopeful to find her soon. Akshay thanks him. Pallavi and Rhea look for Khushi. They don’t find Ranbir and Khushi in the house. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks him about Khushi.

Ranbir tells that he is driving. She asks him to bring Khushi home and go anywhere he wants. She tells that Khushi is of her and he can’t take Khushi away. She doesn’t care for the orphanage people. Ranbir apologizes to her and hangs up. Pallavi tells Rhea that Ranbir is making Khushi away from them. Rhea asks her to trust Ranbir, who would know what he is doing. She pacifies Pallavi. Ranbir reaches the checkpoint and wonders what’s going on. He fails to take his car backward. Khushi wakes up and asks Ranbir where are they going. Ranbir tells that they are going to the orphanage. She refuses to go. He asks her to understand that it’s important. He tells that they can’t back out now.

The police find Khushi with him and tell him that they were searching for her. The inspector arrests Ranbir for kidnapping Khushi. Ranbir asks Khushi not to cry. He tries to flee, but the police block his way. Ranbir gets arrested. Constable takes Khushi with her. Akshay calls Prachi and informs her that they found Khushi. She can’t believe the good news. She thanks him and rushes to meet Khushi. Prachi tells Dadi that they found Khushi. Dadi and Sahana get happy for her. Prachi tells that Khushi was with Ranbir, and he got caught by the police. She asks Sahana to let Dadi take a rest. Dadi and Sahana get glad that Khushi is found. Meera and Avni reach the police station and ask for Khushi. They learn that Ranbir got arrested. Meera tells that Prachi is smart, but she can’t adopt Khushi because the adoption conditions aren’t met.

Khushi cries for Ranbir. He promises to fix everything. He asks her to go to the orphanage with Meera. He tells that it’s a promise, nobody will scold, beat or lock her in the dark room. She refuses to go. He convinces her to go. She tells that she wants to talk to Prachi. Meera assures that she will make her speak to Prachi. Prachi reaches the police station. She finds Khushi with Meera. Khushi runs to hug her and cries. Prachi is overjoyed to meet her. Khushi tells that she had gone to Ranbir’s house on her own, he didn’t do anything but he got arrested. She asks Prachi to believe her if she loves her. Prachi tells that she loves her a lot. Khushi asks her to get Ranbir freed from the police for her sake.


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