Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Prachi's move

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Prachi’s move

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Prachi’s move. Ranbir gets arrested for kidnapping Khushi. Khushi cries that he is innocent and bearing this trouble because of her. He is blamed for kidnapping a child. He fails to prove that Khushi is his daughter, but he succeeds in making Khushi believe her. Police think he has stolen Khushi from the orphanage. He tells that he will free Khushi from Meera’s orphanage and take her home. He asks Khushi to go to the orphanage for some time until he comes to complete the adoption process. He just wanted to spend some time with Khushi. He didn’t know that he will pay for his mistake. Pallavi and Rhea come to meet Ranbir at the police station. They cry for him. He consoles them and asks them to remember that they have to fight for Khushi. Khushi pleads to get Ranbir freed. She asks Prachi to save Ranbir and get him released.

She tells that she wants Ranbir out of jail. She asks Prachi to help Ranbir if she loves him. Prachi didn’t know Ranbir will get arrested. She withdraws the missing report and also the kidnapping charges. She asks Inspector to release Ranbir. She doesn’t want anyone to make Khushi away from her. She learns that Khushi had gone to Ranbir’s house on her own, and he didn’t take her away from the orphanage. Rhea tells Ranbir that Prachi has withdrawn the complaint and helped him. She asks him not to be so harsh towards Prachi, and think of Khushi’s liking for her. Ranbir tells that he just wants Khushi and not Prachi who is moving on with Akshay. Keep reading for a full written update on


Chini gets afraid of losing Kairi when the latter speaks of Imlie all the time. Chini feels Kairi will leave her and go when she learns the truth about her mother. She doesn’t want to lose Atharv and Kairi. She puts Kairi to sleep. Kairi misses Imlie. Chini isn’t able to talk to Atharv. He stays silent and deals with Imlie’s memories. He thinks Imlie doesn’t deserve Kairi. Chini just wants Atharv and Kairi. She treasures their relationship.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update Prachi’s move:

Khushi asks Prachi to promise her that she will get Ranbir freed. Prachi promises her. Rhea informs Pallavi that Ranbir got arrested because of Prachi’s complaint. Pallavi gets worried for Ranbir. Ranbir is put in lockup. He requests the constable to keep an eye on Khushi and not let her get hurt. He tells that Meera and Avni torture Khushi at the orphanage. Constable agrees to help Khushi. Ranbir tells that he wants to make a call to get help from his parents. He thinks the orphanage staff won’t give Khushi to Prachi because they can’t get against the protocols. He wants to bring Khushi home before Prachi makes a plan to get her.

Prachi meets the inspector and thanks him for finding Khushi in a short period. He tells that its his duty, Akshay called the commissioner and got extra team for this search, so they could find Khushi. He asks her to say thanks to Akshay, who has helped them a lot. She tells that she wants to meet Ranbir. He asks her to go to the waiting room and meet Ranbir. He tells that she should vent her anger on Ranbir. Prachi wants to know why is the family supporting Ranbir in the wrong. Ranbir meets Prachi. He tells that he can understand it, she wants to blast her anger on him and he is ready to hear it. She lectures him for doing wrong. He tells that he knows he is very responsible and she is also aware of his qualities.

She asks him to fix his behavior. He tells that he is already a good person. He asks why did she come here. She shouts and says sorry to him. He tells that its okay and he doesn’t need her sorry. She asks him to say sorry to her. He asks what wrong did he do that he will say sorry. He tells that he wants to know why she is angry. She tells that he had Khushi in his house. He asks why did she file a complaint against him. She tells that she filed a complaint against the person who took her away. He tells that Khushi has come to him to get saved from the bad people of the orphanage. She asks if he was taking Khushi to the farm house. He tells that he wasn’t taking Khushi anywhere far, he was dropping her at the orphanage, but he got caught by the police.

She asks him not to act innocent. She asks why did he not tell her about Khushi, when he saw her in pain and tension. She accuses him about lying to her. He asks her to just talk about Khushi. She tells that she is still talking about Khushi. He asks her to get lost. She tells that its not his house that he is ousting her. He asks her not to anger him. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to her. He goes back to his cell. Pallavi and Rhea reach there and meet the inspector. They ask about Ranbir. Inspector tells that Ranbir has kidnapped Khushi. Pallavi tells that Ranbir is innocent, and he didn’t kidnap Khushi.

She adds that Khushi has come to them herself. He asks why did they hide Khushi from the police. He asks them to go home and not waste time. They request him to permit them to meet Ranbir. He allows them. They see Prachi, who confronts them for lying to her about Khushi. Pallavi asks what happened if she lied. She tells that her lie didn’t cause any harm to anyone. She asks if Prachi didn’t lie to her till now. She tells that she can count Prachi’s lies. She reprimands Prachi for lying to her about her survival. Prachi tells that she was helpless to lie to them, and she always had a big reason. She asks Pallavi why did she hide about Khushi. Rhea feels guilty and remembers Ranbir’s swear.

Prachi asks Pallavi why did she hide it. Rhea asks her to speak to Pallavi well. Prachi asks Rhea why did she break her faith. She tells that Rhea isn’t trustworthy. She asks Rhea why did she not tell her about Khushi. Rhea asks her to punish her but not misbehave with Pallavi. Prachi asks them to bear the punishment. Inspector asks them to convince Prachi to withdraw the complaint and get Ranbir freed. Pallavi and Rhea rush to meet Ranbir. Constable asks Pallavi why did she not give good values to her son. Pallavi scolds her. She asks her not to say anything about her values. She praises her son. She tells that Ranbir didn’t steal any child.

Moreover, Pallavi and Rhea meet Ranbir, and tell him that constable is blaming him for stealing a child. Ranbir asks Pallavi to calm down. He apologizes to the constable and asks her to leave. He pacifies Pallavi. He tells that its not her fault, he is a father and got emotional about Khushi. Rhea tells that they have done wrong. He tells that he didn’t mean it. Pallavi tells that she will talk to Prachi and ask her to take the complaint back. He tells that they don’t need Prachi’s favor. Rhea asks what is he saying. He tells that they will not go to Prachi, who wants him to be in jail. He tells that Prachi wants to adopt Khushi and she will use this chance. Rhea tells that she will call the lawyer for help. Pallavi cries. He asks her to relax.






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