Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update Good news

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update Good news

Anupama 23rd May 2023 Written Update Good news. Kinjal tells Leela that they will stay happy and just talk good things. Dimpy arrives home. Anuj and Anupama are on the way. He asks her to hold him if she wants because there are many speed breakers. She tells that she can manage herself. Anuj holds her. Leela asks Dimpy to get ready and come in the evening. Dimpy asks Leela to tolerate her. Leela tells that it’s better if the problem comes later. Kinjal asks Dimpy to meet Samar in the room. Dimpy boasts of Anuj’s richness and asks them to be chilled out like the Kapadias. Leela tells that they get happiness at work. She asks Dimpy to learn from Kinjal how to live well and adjust to the in-laws. She doesn’t want Dimpy to provoke Kinjal.

Dimpy misbehaves with Leela again, and the entire family takes it easy just for Samar’s sake. Samar comes and asks them about the matter. The family doesn’t tell them anything. Samar tells that Dimpy will select the sherwani for him. Dimpy tells that Anuj has gone to the market to get the stuff. Vanraj worries that even Anupama is in the market. Dimpy apologizes to Samar and asks him not to threaten her about breaking the marriage. She tells that she can’t deal with her fears. Samar tells that his family is very important to him. He asks her to remember it. She thinks to show her true colors once she gets married to him.


Dolly asks Leela to control Samar and Dimpy. Leela is sure of her capabilities to handle Dimpy. Anuj stops the bike midway and tells Anupama that he has to tell her something. She asks him to say whatever is there in his heart. Anuj tells that when he was coming to meet her, he received a call and then things changed. Anupama asks him about the matter. Anuj attempts to tell her the truth. Anupama hugs him. He makes an apology to her. This turns out to be Anupama’s imagination. She wishes Vanraj didn’t come between them. Vanraj recalls interrupting Anuj and Anupama’s conversation and taking Anupama with him. Anuj realizes that he couldn’t tell the matter Anupama once again. He doesn’t know what fate wants.

Anupama thinks of the secret that he needs the courage to speak up. Vanraj and Anupama talk about their children. Paritosh gets glad to see Kinjal ready for the Sangeet. He compliments her. She tells that she can’t forget the past. He asks her to try once and make things fine. She tells that she can’t plan for another child to fix their damaged relationship. She adds that they are together only for Pari’s sake. He gets violent and asks her what does she want. He wants clarity. She tells her decision that she will leave the house once Samar gets married. She clears that she can’t forgive Paritosh. Anupama tells that Samar does a lot for everyone and now it’s their turn to do everything for Samar.

Vanraj tells that they will live every moment of the marriage functions. He asks Anupama to not stop for anyone’s sake and just go ahead to fulfill her dreams. Anupama tells that she won’t stop. She asks him to drop her home, she will take some rest and come. She thinks if Anuj can tell his feelings to her in the evening. Anupama welcomes Kapadias in the Mehendi function. Maya taunts that she has won what she wanted and it’s like her victory in a big battle. Anupama blesses Samar and Dimpy. Maya tells that she will also apply the mehendi of Anuj’s name. Barkha and Vanraj smile evilly. Anupama gets disheartened by Anuj’s silence. Anuj, Anupama, Vanraj and Maya perform in the Sangeet. Anupama learns about Kavya’s pregnancy and congratulates her. She tells that it’s necessary to tell the good news to the family, instead of hiding it.



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