Anupama 27th May 2023 Written Update Secret

Anupama 27th May 2023 Written Update Secret

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Anupama 27th May 2023 Written Update. Secret Anuj brings Anupama to a temple and tells that he wants to tell her about the day he was coming to meet her, and also the incident that occurred and stopped him from coming. He tells that he can’t lie to her in front of God. He knows Anupama trusts him a lot, but he doesn’t know if he trusts himself. He adds that he has tried a lot to tell her the truth, but he faced some hurdles always, so he wants to tell her about it today. He tells that he has fallen in his sight and he couldn’t meet her eyes. He tells that she was so quiet despite being right. He feels she could have caught his collar and asked him what is he doing, but she didn’t do anything such. He adds that he didn’t realize when his small mistake took the form of a big sin.

He apologizes to her. He tells that one shouldn’t underestimate a spark that has the potential to cause a fire. He realizes that he has broken Anupama’s heart, which he wanted to hold with love. He feels he got so blind in anger and she just tolerated it. He asks why did she tolerate it and why didn’t she fight with him. He feels that she should have explained to him and got him back to sense. He asks her to ask him whatever she wants, scold him, punish him, and beat him. He calls it her right to question and punishes him. He doesn’t want her to stay silent. He wants her to punish him, or else he will die by her silence. He begs her.

Anuoama sheds tears. She wipes his tears and asks him what should she ask him. He tells that she has easily accepted his decision. She tells that she had no other option, she had to protect her esteem, love, and happiness. She doesn’t want to snatch love because it’s her right which he gave to someone else. She understands that he had a big reason to do this. She knows that he would have answered her if he wanted, so she didn’t ask him anything and waited for this moment. He applauds her patience and faith in him. He feels more guilty that he didn’t keep her faith.

He asks her how did she stay silent when Maya came to sit with him in puja. He is amazed to see her tolerance. He tells that he was coming back to her happily because he was yearning to meet her. He adds that he wanted to fix everything, but he couldn’t come. He tells the reason that forced him to hurt her. He calls it his bad fate that he couldn’t come to Anupama. Anupama asks him to reveal what happened that day.

On the other hand, Vanraj wants to know if Anupama is in her Gurukul or not. He calls the Gurukul and asks about Anupama. He doesn’t learn about her. He thinks Anupama is still in Gurukul. He is relieved. Anuj tells that he had decided to return to Anupama when Anu and Pakhi explained his mistake, he realized he can’t live without her and wanted to come to her, but when he was leaving, Maya posed a big problem for him. He reveals how Maya forced him to stay back. He swears that he never got interested in Maya. He tells that Maya’s love turned into madness.

He adds that he left for the airport, he was much happy but he received a call, it was Anu’s call. He tells that Anu was crying a lot and screaming, he couldn’t leave Anu in that state and rushed back home, when he entered the house, he saw Anu with blood on her hands. He recalls meeting Anu, who guides him to an injured Maya. He tells Anupama that he had pushed Maya in anger, and hurt her unknowingly. He didn’t understand if he should have called Anupama and informed her about the incident, he was in a shock and rushed Maya to the hospital to save her life.

He was in guilt that Maya was dying because of her. He tells Anupama that he lost his phone and couldn’t call her, Maya’s condition was critical and then when she got conscious, she reacted like she lost her mental balance. He remembers the doctor’s words about Maya losing her mental balance. He recalls Maya’s screams in the hospital. He shuts his ears, and tells that her screams still echo in his ears. He tells Anupama that he couldn’t leave Maya alone, Maya is Anu’s biological mother and she has to get fine soon. He explains why he stayed back with Maya to help her recover. Anupama forgives Anuj after knowing the truth. Anuj and Anupama clear their differences.






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