Wedding track in Anupama unfolds many twists

Wedding track in Anupama unfolds many twists

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The wedding track in Anupama unfolds many twists. Anupama is very happy for Samar. Maya decides to win Anuj’s heart by taking little steps toward him. Anupama surprises the family by showing her creation, the special brooches for the groom’s team. Vanraj proudly wears the brooch. Kavya and everyone wear brooches. Kavya asks Anupama how she gets such cool ideas. The family gets excited about the marriage. They deck up Samar and prepare to leave with the baraat. Dimpy gets ready as the bride. She tells herself that the journey won’t be easy for her, the Shah family is too difficult to handle, but she will fight them with love. Barkha meets Dimpy and brainwashes her against Anupama.

Barkha wants Anupama to get engaged in the problems of the Shah family so that she stays away from Anuj. Kavya meets Vanraj, who questions her about the matter she is hiding from him. She tells that she is going to experience motherhood. She breaks the news of her pregnancy and tells him that they are going to become parents soon. Vanraj isn’t happy with the news and appears shocked.


Imlie rescues Kairi from the dark room and brings her home. Atharv comes home to get his daughter. He meets his family after a long time. The family unites with Kairi, knowing she is Atharv’s daughter. Atharv claims Kairi and tells that he will take her along with him. He gets the police to get Imlie arrested. He hates Imlie and doesn’t want to keep any relationship with her.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein:

Sai attempts to unite Amba and Vijender. She takes his help in bringing two lovers together. She learns about Vijender’s illness, who is suffering from a brain tumour. She fears that he will be dying soon. She is asked by the senior doctor to inform Vijender about his illness and prepare him for treatment. She doesn’t tell him anything. She shares the shocking news with Virat. She sobs and hugs him. Virat also keeps the news to himself.






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