Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update Despo Karan

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update Despo Karan

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update Desperate Karan. Karan gets Rajveer’s number from Shaurya. He calls up Rajveer and tells him that he has seen him with Preeta some time back. He has seen Rajveer talking to Preeta. He asks Rajveer how he knows Preeta and where is she now. He asks him to please tell him about Preeta. He tells that Preeta is his wife. Rajveer is stunned to realize Karan’s desperation to find Preeta. Later, Rajveer goes to the stage and checks the wiring. He finds the technicians away. He tells that he will cut the earthing wire of the mic and ruin the launch event. Rajveer gets ahead with his plans, while Karan gets engaged in finding Preeta. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya on 6th June 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan enquires about Radha. He reaches the cold storage and looks for Radha. Radha is fallen behind the crates. Damini locates her and tries to hide her from Mohan. Mohan gets Radha’s purse there. He gets to see Radha’s efforts in saving her life. The entire family cries for Radha and looks for her. Mohan is ashamed of himself that he didn’t come to find Radha before. He sees the broken fan and thinks Radha had attempted to go out through the vent. He tells Kadambari that he knows where is Radha, she is inside the vent and he can find her.

He thinks Radha is inside the AC duct. Radha is very close to him and calls him out, but he doesn’t hear her voice. Damini and Kaveri wish Radha dies before getting spotted by Mohan and Gungun. Radha survives and gets rescued by Mohan in the coming track, but Damini doesn’t get exposed for her crimes. How will Radha and Tulsi expose Damini’s evil in front of Mohan? Stay tuned.

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update Despo Karan:

Karan calls up Shaurya. Sandy tells that Karan scolds them non-stop. Shaurya tells that he would have exchanged his dad with a goody-goody dad. Sandy tells him that Karan is behind him. Shaurya doesn’t see Karan and tells that Karan is always behind him. He turns to Karan and tells that he was going to take his call. He asks why did he call. Karan asks for Rajveer’s number. Shaurya asks the reason. Karan asks him to just forward the number. Shaurya tells that he isn’t interested to know the matter. He calls Karan an old man. Sandy tells that Karan is super cool and he is the Karan Luthra.

He is also Karan’s fan. He asks Shaurya if he likes someone. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t like anyone. Sandy jokes about Rajveer. Karan calls Rajveer and asks him about Preeta. He asks how he knows Preeta. He tells that he has seen Rajveer with Preeta. He shouts that Preeta is his wife. He asks Rajveer about his connection with Preeta. Rajveer doesn’t hear anything. Karan collides with a guest and drops his phone. Rajveer tells that there is no network on his phone. Palki stops Rajveer. He asks why did Palki and Preeta come to the Luthra mansion. Palki tells that they have come to take him home.

He asks why did she tell Preeta and break the promise to him. She tells that she broke it, because he didn’t listen to her either. He asks her to calm down. He knows Preeta made her break the promise. Mohit calls him and asks if he did his work. Rajveer tells that he didn’t get any chance till now. He asks Palki to take Preeta home. He disappears from there. He checks the earthing wire and decides to cut the wire. He tells that Shaurya will receive a shock and then he won’t be able to give any speech. Preeta spots him and runs after him. She collides with a waiter, who recognizes her and rushes to tell Karan about her. Rajveer enters a room to find a cutter. Preeta follows Rajveer to the same room.

She doesn’t want Rajveer to make any mistake and get caught. Rajveer finally finds the tool box and gets a cutter. He leaves from there and locks the room. Preeta gets locked inside the room. The waiter goes to Karan and tells him about spotting Preeta. Karan rushes in search of Preeta. He thinks why would she go towards the servant quarter. The faulty lights catch a spark. Preeta doesn’t see the fire catching up. Sania meets Shaurya and flirts with him. He tells that he knows the reason for her coming. He gets close to her. Rakhi catches them romancing in his bedroom.

Shaurya sees Rakhi at the door and asks her to give him some privacy. She tells that she is doing wrong. He tells that he isn’t a kid and he knows what he is doing. He asks her to just leave and mind her own business. Rakhi weeps. He asks her to just leave. The curtains catch fire. Kareena meets Rakhi and asks her why is she crying and if she has seen Preeta. She tells that Rakhi was always right, Preeta is alive, and she is around them. She admits that she has seen her. Rakhi tells that wrong is happening in the house and only Preeta can fix it. She tells that if Preeta is alive, then Rudra would be alive too. She wants to bring Preeta back in the house.

She fears that Shaurya will lose the path forever, if Preeta doesn’t guide him. She tells Kareena that she has seen Shaurya with a girl in his bedroom, when she tried to stop him, he spoke to her with arrogance and made her leave. She feels ashamed of him. Kareena is shocked. She asks Rakhi to calm down. Rakhi tells that they get wrong in his eyes and he thinks they are against him, he doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong and also that they care for him.

Kareena asks her not to do anything, because many people are coming today for the music company launch. She promises to do something to help Shaurya. Rajveer goes to cut the wire. The event manager tells that they will go and speak to Rishabh, their work has no value and they deserve respect. Rajveer tells that he has no problem. Shaurya and Sandy get to see Rajveer with the wires.


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