2 big news in Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update

2 big news in Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update

2 big news in Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update. Shaurya and Rajveer confront each other for their mistakes. They both get into a heated argument followed by a big fight. Rishabh intervenes to stop them. Shaurya gets uncontrollable. He is fed up with Rakhi and Rishabh’s lectures. He says he expects the same from Karan, who would take Rajveer’s side. Karan asks Preeta about her relationship with Rajveer. She wants to tell him that Rajveer is her nephew. Karan doesn’t learn about Rajveer and Preeta’s connection while getting engaged in protecting her from fire. Rakhi rebukes Shaurya and Rajveer for bashing each other and losing all the shame. She asks them to stop being kiddish. Rishabh obeys Rakhi and lets her handle the matter. Shaurya gets arrogant and misbehaves with the family.

Karan gets on cloud nine when Preeta accepts that she knows Shaurya and also the fact that he needs her love. She wants to guide him and bring him on the right path. Karan is delighted to see the same understanding in her again. Preeta and Karan care for each other while facing the blaze. Nidhi reaches the servant’s quarter and finds it burning. She is moved to see Preeta stuck in the fire and realizes that she is alive. She can’t believe her eyes and goes close to see Preeta. Sandy reveals to Shaurya that Rajveer had plotted revenge on him just for his girlfriend Palki’s sake. He adds that Palki has also come to support Rajveer in his plans and she is outside the house right now. Shaurya gets mad at Rajveer and Palki for their planning to nearly kill him.


2 big news in Kundali Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Update:

Shaurya says that he can fight his battle independently and doesn’t want any interference. He tells Nidhi that Rajveer tried to kill him, and Rishabh wants him to not do anything. Rishabh tells that he wants Shaurya to rectify his mistake. He asks Shaurya not to lose his sense. He tells that the family will get worried if Shaurya fights with Rajveer. He adds that everyone loves Shaurya, they are taking action and they have already called the cops. Shaurya tells that Rajveer has done it. Rishabh asks him what did he do. He tells that Shaurya kidnapped Palki and created drama at her house.

Shaurya asks him not to blame him. Rishabh asks Nidhi to look at Shaurya. She tells that everyone is after Shaurya. He tells that she should have raised Shaurya well. He asks her not to support Shaurya when he has done wrong. Sandy goes to Nidhi. She yells at him. He apologizes and goes to meet Shaurya. Shaurya is disappointed that his family is supporting Rajveer. Sandy asks him if is he okay. He hugs Shaurya. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Sandy tells that he was afraid for Shaurya’s life. Shaurya asks him to stop being melodramatic.

Rajveer overhears them and thinks to bash Shaurya. Sandy says he has proof of Rajveer’s crime and knows the motive. He adds that Palki has supported Rajveer in the crime, and she is outside the house. Shaurya goes to see Palki. Rajveer grows worried for Palki. He asks Shaurya and Sandy to stop. He finds the door locked. He jumps out of the window to reach Palki. Nidhi sees the fire and rushes to call the fire brigade. She is shell-shocked to see Preeta there.

Nidhi recalls the past. She doesn’t save Preeta and goes away. Karan asks Preeta to find water to drench the towel. Preeta guides him to the kitchen. Nidhi is in disbelief. She falls insecure and vents her anger. She tries to control her anger. She tells that Preeta has come back. She doesn’t want Preeta to snatch Shaurya and Karan from her. She ends up hurting herself. She doesn’t want Karan to meet Preeta. She thinks what to do to stop Preeta from meeting anyone in the Luthra house. Preeta tells Karan that the fire had spread from the kitchen area. He asks her to not worry. He covers her with the drenched towel. She tells that he is a very nice person. He asks her did she say this to him.

She tells that he risked his life to save her. He ensures that the fire doesn’t catch him. He asks her to stand still, until he drenches the other towel. He finds her falling breathless. He asks her to breath through her saree cloth. Preeta gets reminded of the past moment. She falls dizzy. Shaurya asks Sandy where is Palki. Sandy swears that he had seen Palki at the gate. Shaurya looks for Palki. He asks Sandy to find her. Palki rushes out of the house. Shaurya and Sandy get to see her. She tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He asks what is she doing near his house. She tells that she is standing outside his house on the public road, and he can’t question her. She threatens of calling the cops.

Shaurya tells that he will deal with Palki later. Karan asks Preeta to open her eyes. He keeps talking to her and reminds her the past moments. Preeta recalls their moments in the memory flash. He tells that he used to fight a lot with her, but he loved her a lot, she meant the world to him and that’s the truth. He adds that he was also lost when she wasn’t with him. He confesses his love to her. He tells that he never left hope, and she has come back to him alive. He expresses his emotions of joy. He requests her to open her eyes. Nidhi wonders why did Preeta come back and how is she alive. She wishes Preeta dies in the fire. Rakhi asks if anything is burning. Nidhi determines to stop Rakhi from seeing Preeta.

She burns an invitation card to fool Rakhi. Rakhi and Kareena tell that something is burning. Nidhi shows the fire in the bin. They tell that the smoke is dense and the fire smell is also strong. Nidhi stops them from checking the servant’s quarter. They don’t get convinced by her. Nidhi gets afraid. She hurts herself and fakes a fall to stop them from going ahead. She cries and seeks their help in pain. They help Nidhi and take her to her room. Karan sees the fire spreading. He shouts for help. He protects Preeta. Rajveer looks for Palki. He gets confused and doesn’t find a way to exit. He sees Kritika and doesn’t want to get caught.


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