Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2023 Written Update Rishi saves Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2023 Written Update Rishi saves Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th June 2023 Written Update Rishi saves Lakshmi. Vikrant tells Ayush that he didn’t do anything wrong. Ayush asks him not to get overconfident. He tells that a criminal does a mistake and gets caught. He warns Vikrant. He tells that Vikrant can’t get saved always. He adds that very soon justice will prevail. Vikrant tells that he is clean and true. Ayush asks him to remember his own words. Vikrant laughs. Shalu and Bani stay upset. Rano asks them to go and give good wishes to Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi. Saloni acts innocent like she doesn’t know anything. She asks Vikrant and Lakshmi to dance. Anjana tells that it’s real happiness after the engagement. Rishi vents anger on a punching bag.

Saloni dances with Sonia and Ahana. She asks Shalu and Bani to join, but they refuse. Vikrant is angered thinking how Rishi humiliated him. Saloni keeps an eye on him. Rishi breaks down and sheds tears. Vikrant reaches him and mocks him to provoke his anger. He tells that Rishi is the first person who had hurt his ego. He shows his true face in front of Rishi. He tells that he understands his love for Lakshmi. He calls Rishi madly in love with Lakshmi. He says he could have accused Rishi of his love for Lakshmi and turned the family against him. Rishi tells that he isn’t wrong to get scared.


He adds that very soon Vikrant will get exposed. Pandit tells that he only eats copper utensils. Lakshmi tells that it will be arranged. She goes to the outhouse to get the copper utensils. Vikrant tells Rishi that Lakshmi is lucky for him. He confesses that he has a girlfriend. He tells that he has an affair. He asks Rishi if is he shocked. He tells that he likes Lakshmi also. Rishi scolds him for ruining two lives. Vikrant asks him to calm down. He tells that he will keep everyone happy. Rishi controls his anger. Vikrant says that his girlfriend removed the power fuse and deleted the video. He doesn’t think Rishi can do anything.

He challenges Rishi and asks him to stop his marriage if possible. He tells that he will marry Lakshmi at any cost. Rishi screams in a fit of rage. He finds Lakshmi going towards the outhouse alone. Ayush goes mad in anger at his failure. Shalu asks him to control his temper. He tells that they know Vikrant’s truth and they lost. Shalu and Bani ask him to think about what is Rishi going through. Ayush tells that he wants to beat Vikrant for cheating on Lakshmi. He breaks down. Shalu hugs him and consoles him. She feels Lakshmi is lucky to get him. He tells that he is useless and he lost. He regrets that he couldn’t do anything for Lakshmi. He tells that Vikrant has won. Shalu tells that they will not accept defeat. Rishi goes to see Lakshmi.

Bani tells that they have less time. Shalu tells that they will keep trying until they expose Vikrant’s truth. Rishi also goes to the outhouse. Malishka looks for him. Vikrant asks Dadi about Lakshmi. Dadi tells that Lakshmi went for some work. Saloni insists on him and asks him to dance with her if Lakshmi isn’t there. Vikrant and Saloni dance together. Lakshmi falls into danger. She looks for the copper utensils. He saves her from getting hurt. He tells that she didn’t need to come to the outhouse. She tells that she came to get the copper utensils for pandit ji. He asks her to come with him. They both get trapped inside the outhouse when the roof falls and covers the exit door.


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