2 twists in Bekaboo Kathaa Ankahee bring surprising romance

2 twists in Bekaboo Kathaa Ankahee bring surprising romance

2 twists in Bekaboo Kathaa Ankahee bring surprising romance. Ranav and Bela will be getting married once again because they have fallen in love. Though they don’t accept that they love each other, they agree to remarry for the sake of Dadi. Deepa announces the marriage and pleases Dadi. Dadi wishes to see Ranav and Bela’s marriage. Dadi asks Ranav if is this true. Ranav says yes. Paatali is glad that Ranav and Bela are coming close. She wants Ranav to gain superpowers by using Bela’s fairy powers. She supports the wedding idea. Deepa is the masked attacker. She keeps the wedding functions to kill Ranav and Bela. She is also a fairy, but evil one. Ranav and Bela’s love story will begin while they fight their unknown enemy.

Kathaa Ankahee:


Katha and Viaan are seen dancing at the party and sharing romantic chemistry. They recall their past moments. Viaan loves her a lot. Katha also feels close to Viaan. She expresses her feelings to him. They give a rocking performance. Later, they are seen having a lovely dinner date. Viaan enjoys her company. She gets Aarav’s call. Viaan thinks to speak to Aarav. He takes the call. He tells Katha that love just wants to complete itself. They both hide from everyone and rush away. They realize their feelings but have a prolonged silence between them.


Mohini and Dev’s haldi function begins. Paro comes to speak to Dev. She gets hurt by the chemical Haldi. She drops the Haldi bowl. Dev finds her losing balance and rushes to hold her. Paro falls in his arms, just when he gets drenched in haldi. Dev and Paro share a haldi moment. Mohini reaches there and loses her mind seeing Paro in Dev’s arms. Dev and Paro take a bath with milk to get rid of the burning sensation.


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