Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update News for Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update News for Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update News for Nidhi. Rajveer apologizes to Palki that her marriage broke because of him. She asks him not to apologize. She tells that she is happy her marriage broke because Ketan didn’t trust her. She feels Shaurya is the reason for their meeting and this was written in her Kundali Bhagya. He tells that he is feeling happy to hear this from her. AK goes to Karan and Preeta. He attempts to kill Preeta once again. He suffocates her. She gets conscious and asks Karan’s help. She holds Karan’s hand and tries to awaken him. She seeks his help. AK drags her.

Karan thinks of Preeta. She shouts Karan. He gets conscious of the thought of losing her. Rakhi finds Rajveer and Palki together. They make silly excuses in front of Rakhi. Rakhi gets reminded of Karan and Preeta. She smiles seeing them. Palki asks her what’s the matter. She tells that the kada is ready. Rakhi tells that her son and bahu used to have such cute bonding. She hugs them. Shaurya watches Rakhi showering love to his enemies and gets angry. He vents anger. Nidhi asks him to calm down. Shaurya asks does she care for him or not.


He tells that he can’t calm down now because it’s too much, Nidhi can go and adopt Rajveer, and the family can welcome Rajveer into the house. He threatens to leave the house if Rajveer doesn’t get arrested today. Nidhi asks him to relax. He tells her that she must do something. He swears that Rajveer’s Maasi would have supported him if she was here. He taunts that Nidhi doesn’t love him. He is disappointed with her. Nidhi gets worried. She asks Shaurya not to lose faith in her. She can’t lose his love, because she has this hold on the Luthra family because of him.

She tells that Shaurya loves her and she will get him back on her side. She goes to tell him that she loves him a lot. She tells Shaurya that she can sacrifice anything for his life. She agrees to get Rajveer punished by going against the family. Shaurya gets relieved. Girish tells that he has checked all the doors and windows. Nidhi asks the family if they will get Rajveer arrested or not. Mahesh asks her to be clear. She tells that they have seen Rajveer harming Shaurya and spoiling the launch event. She asks them to punish Rajveer for his crime. Shaurya asks Rakhi why is she behaving like she is Rajveer’s grandmom.

He tells that he never saw any affection in Rakhi’s eyes, she doesn’t love and worry for him. Kareena explains that they love him. He asks them to show that they love him. Rishabh asks him to show how much he loves them. He tells that love isn’t a drama to put up. Shaurya tells that they are showing love towards Rajveer. Sandy supports Shaurya. Rishabh asks him not to defend Shaurya. Nidhi tells that Shaurya wants the right thing, she will get Rajveer arrested if none of them wants to come ahead to punish Rajveer. She asks Rajveer to come with her. Rakhi stops Nidhi. She tells that nobody will get Rajveer arrested. Nidhi takes Rakhi aside to talk to her. She rebukes Rakhi for supporting Rajveer.

Rakhi tells that she is just doing what her heart is telling her. She explains that she has always supported her family. She doesn’t want to listen to Shaurya this time. Nidhi asks her to be thankful that she is giving her respect. Rakhi yells at her. She tells that she can’t show love and concern for Shaurya just to please Nidhi, but she will do what is right for him. She asks Nidhi to show the right path to Shaurya. She calls Shaurya wrong. She tells that Shaurya has made mistakes and compelled Rajveer to take revenge. Nidhi is disappointed with her. Kareena watches their argument.

Nidhi asks her to explain Rakhi. Shaurya wants to know why is his family supporting Rajveer. Mahesh and Bani ask him to wait for Rakhi to come and explain her decision. Shaurya asks if they have no problem with Rajveer. Rajveer taunts Shaurya for being wrong. Nidhi tells that Shaurya didn’t do anything wrong. She threatens Rajveer. Kareena tells Rakhi that Rajveer tried to kill Shaurya and it’s a big mistake, if Rakhi doesn’t support Shaurya, then he would be heartbroken.

Rakhi asks Kareena to understand her. She wants to stop the family from punishing Rajveer. She is following her heart. She tells that Shaurya and Rajveer are of the same age, they both are young and their future should be safe. She doesn’t want to get Rajveer arrested and ruin his career. She reminds that Rajveer’s Maasi helped Shaurya so that his career doesn’t get ruined. She feels they should reform the spoilt children with love. Kareena tells that Rajveer isn’t equal to Shaurya in any sense. Rakhi wants the family to handle this with maturity. The police bring Raja home. Nidhi realizes Raja works for AK. Mahesh and Rishabh identify Raja as their old enemy. Inspector tells that one of the family members hired AK to murder someone. Nidhi gets panicking. Nidhi soon gets the news from AK that Preeta is dead.


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