YRKKH New Promo Update Abhi wins Abhir’s custody

YRKKH New Promo Update Abhi wins Abhir's custody

YRKKH New Promo Update Abhi wins Abhir’s custody. Akshara asks Abhir to stop running. She tells that he will catch a cold. She asks him not to run much when he goes to Abhimanyu’s house. She instructs him to not have any junk food. She sends Abhir to Abhimanyu. Abhir asks her not to cry, he will come back soon in a few days. Abhinav tells Akshara that her motherly love has got defeated in front of the court decision. He adds that Abhir will live with Abhimanyu forever. Akshara cries profusely. Abhinav hugs her and consoles her. Akshara and Abhimanyu have made a mutual settlement to end the custody battle, which could have got ugly and affected Abhir’s childhood. Abhimanyu wins Abhir’s custody. He takes his son home. Akshara and Abhinav miss their son.



Titli learns about Manikant’s two wives, Koel and Maina. She wasn’t aware that the Mehta family belongs to Koel. Koel tells her that the family is her world and she loves them a lot. She lies to Titli that Manikant loves her. Manikant hates Koel and doesn’t want any association with her. Garv takes Koel’s side and fights with Manikant. He counts Koel’s favors on the family. He wants Manikant to be grateful to Koel and pay her respect which she deserves.

Manikant declares that Koel won’t be attending his daughter’s marriage. Garv opposes his decision. He tells that Koel will become a part of the marriage functions because she is Monica’s Badimaa. Later, Titli gets to see Garv in danger and rushes to save him without a second thought. She develops a liking for Garv. Even he starts falling for her after knowing her values. Garv and Titli’s alliance talks begin in the latter’s household. Titli refuses to marry him, but the family finds Garv a genuine person, unlike Rahul.


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