Anupama best twists lined up this week

Anupama best twists lined up this week

Anupama best twists lined up this week. Kinjal informs Leela and Vanraj about Pakhi throwing a party for Anupama in the Kapadia mansion. Leela doesn’t think Anupama should go there. Kinjal tells Anupama has no problem and she is ready to attend the party at Anuj’s place. Leela tells that she will ask Anupama not to go there. Kinjal asks her not to worry and focus on giving happiness to Anupama. She goes to inform Samar and Paritosh. Leela finds Vanraj worried for Anupama. They have no problem with Anuj but know that Maya and Barkha will trouble Anupama. Maya goes berserk thinking of Anuj and Anupama. She vents her anger. She tells Barkha that she will try to impress Anu.

Barkha asks her not to do any drama when Anupama comes to the farewell party, or else her one mistake will make her out of Anuj’s life. Maya imagines Anuj and Anupama romancing. She thinks to tolerate everything for Anuj’s sake. Anuj meets Anupama and finds her hurt. He asks her how did she get hurt. He cares for her wounds. He asks her if it’s hurting a lot. He asks her to take care of herself. He tells that he wanted to meet her and his wish got fulfilled. He gives her documents and tells that she may need them. Maya tries to find out where did Anuj go. Barkha tells that Anuj didn’t tell them before leaving.


Anuj lifts Anupama and takes her into his arms. They have a romantic moment. Pakhi enters her room and thinks to make a new start. She apologizes to Adhik. She promises to never fight with Barkha. She tries hard to sort out their issues. He tells that everything is ruined and nothing will get fixed. They end up arguing. She wants to try her best in saving her relationship. Anuj drops Anupama home. He feels sorrowful at the time of leaving. He tells that he wants to tell her something that she already knows.

He admits that Anupama is his love and happiness. Anupama hugs Anuj. They shed tears thinking of her departure. He says he doesn’t know if he can live without her. She tells that their love will never change. Anupama gets the best farewell party at Shah’s house, which recreates her life’s best memories. Maya witnesses Anuj’s love for Anupama. She decides to do something to get rid of Anupama forever.


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