Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2023 Written Update Fire track finale

Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2023 Written Update Fire track finale

Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2023 Written Update Fire track finale. Palki assists the family. She asks Rakhi and Kareena to take some rest. Kareena finds her like Preeta. She likes Palki. Palki falls into Shaurya’s arms. She asks him to leave her. He dislikes her and drops her down. He offers help, but she doesn’t take his help. He tells that he wasn’t going to help her. Rajveer takes care of Preeta. He finds Preeta holding Karan’s hand. He separates her from Karan. The firefighter tells that the fire isn’t extinguished. He calls to arrange some water tankers. Nidhi wishes Preeta to die. Rajveer tells that Karan had left Preeta alone when she trusted him so much.

He adds that Karan isn’t deserving of her trust. He thinks Karan came for his selfish motive and got stuck in the fire. He acts insensitive towards Karan. He tells that his family will come and save him. He thinks of some way to take Preeta and Karan outside. He gets a ladder and puts Karan on it. Nidhi stops Shaurya from going inside. Rishabh and the entire family go in to check the fire status. Nidhi tries to stop them but in vain. Rajveer takes Karan outside. The family finds Rajveer bringing Karan tied up on a ladder. The family gets engaged in attending Karan. Nidhi wonders where is Preeta.


She thinks if Karan is there, then Preeta would be there too. Rajveer runs back to Preeta. He hides Preeta from the family members. Nidhi stops him and asks how did he come here. She knows he doesn’t love Karan and won’t come for him. She asks him if he has come for Preeta. She tells that she had seen Preeta. He asks didn’t she save her life. Nidhi tells that she had seen Preeta coming and thought she left before the fire caught up. She looks for Preeta. Rajveer hits questions at her. She tells that Preeta ruined her life.

She feels Preeta snatched the Luthras’ heir. She asks him not to act smart. He asks her why is she having hatred and bitterness for Preeta. She asks why is he getting hyper. He pretends like he doesn’t care. He asks her to go and look for Preeta herself. Rajveer takes Preeta from the backdoor. Shaurya runs inside to check on Nidhi. Sandy tells Palki that Shaurya went inside. She asks him not to worry. The firefighter asks Palki and Sandy to help them. Karan takes Preeta’s name. The doctor checks him. Rishabh asks Karan to open his eyes and see them. Rajveer leaves Luthra’s mansion. He takes Preeta home. Rishabh tells that Karan is missing Preeta a lot. Karan wakes up when he thinks of Preeta. He tries to run and find her. They ask him what is he doing. Karan calls out Preeta.


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