Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2023 Written Update Karan amazed

Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2023 Written Update Karan amazed

Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2023 Written Update Karan is amazed. Rajveer saves Karan’s life when the latter falls unconscious. He first thinks to leave Karan behind and let his family save him, but then his blood pulls him and he decides to save his father. He takes Karan out of the fire. The Luthras get to see Rajveer’s efforts in saving Karan. They take Karan to his room and get him medical attention. Karan gets conscious and thinks of Preeta. Karan knows Preeta is alive and he has seen her, but the family isn’t sure of this. They check the outhouse and don’t find anyone. Rishabh doesn’t believe Karan and tells that the latter is just hallucinating. Karan tells them that Preeta is alive and he spoke to her, she knows about Shaurya and has a soft corner for her son.

He tells that Preeta has told him that Shaurya needs their love and he will change into a good person. He wants Preeta to come back home. Karan goes in search of Preeta. The family worries. Rakhi and Kareena have also seen Preeta, and believe Karan. They tell Rishabh that they had seen Preeta at the party. Karan just thinks of Preeta. He isn’t able to convince the family that Preeta is alive. Karan and Preeta don’t meet again, because Rajveer takes Preeta with him and lies to them. He doesn’t disclose that Preeta is his Maasi so that his identity as Rajveer Luthra doesn’t get revealed.


Another side, Shaurya starts thinking of Palki. He hates her but can’t stop thinking of her. He wonders why is he getting so affected by her presence. A love triangle will begin between Shaurya, Palki, and Rajveer. Will Karan be able to find Preeta? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2023 Written Update Karan amazed:

Karan runs downstairs and tells that he has to go to Preeta. Mahesh and Rishabh ask him to sit and calm down. Karan tells them that Preeta has come back. Rishabh tells that he will come along. Karan tells him that he has seen Preeta and spoken to her. He asks them to believe him, Preeta has come back home and he met her. He asks them to let him go to Preeta. He asks Mahesh to please believe him. Rishabh tells that they believe him. He asks Karan to sit down, he is weak at this moment and needs rest. The doctor asks them to call Preeta if Karan wants to meet her. Nidhi tells that Preeta is dead.

Karan yells at her. He tells that Preeta was caught up in a fire in the outhouse. He gets restless thinking about what happened to her by now. He tells that someone was trying to kill her. Nidhi gets worried. She thinks Rajveer has lied to her and protected Preeta. She wonders what’s the reason. The family stops Karan. Rajveer brings Preeta home. She gets conscious and thinks of Karan, who saved her many times. He asks her if she is okay. She asks if anyone got hurt. Gurpreet asks about Palki. Rajveer realizes that he didn’t bring Palki along. Shaurya goes inside the outhouse to find Nidhi. He walks into the fire. Palki gets worried for Shaurya and splashes a bucket of water at him.

She takes Shaurya with her. Shaurya is stunned. He asks her what did she do. The firefighter thanks Palki for saving Shaurya’s life and helping them. Sandy asks is this true. She taunts Shaurya who doesn’t know to say sorry for his mistakes. The man asks Shaurya to say thank you and sorry to her. Shaurya tells that Palki doesn’t deserve his thank you and sorry. Palki tells that she would have locked him inside the room. They argue.

Shaurya calls Rajveer her boyfriend. She tells that Rajveer isn’t her boyfriend. He boasts of his mom who dominates the house. She tells that his mom should have taught him some manners. She calls him useless and annoying. He gets angered. Karan tells Mahesh that he has seen Preeta. Rakhi tells that she believes him and she has also seen Preeta. Kareena tells that even she has seen Preeta in the house. Bani admits that she has also seen Preeta. She tells that Preeta is alive. Karan cries sorrowfully. Doctor asks if they have seen Preeta’s spirit. Karan rebukes him. He tells that Preeta is alive. Nidhi tells that Rishabh, Mahesh and she hadn’t seen Preeta. She feels Preeta is in Karan’s memories, but she doesn’t exist in reality.

Rakhi tells that she has seen Preeta back in the house. Nidhi asks them to bring back Preeta and prove themselves right. She tells that Preeta should have met Shaurya. She adds that she didn’t see Preeta. Doctor tells that person hallucinates when exposed to smoke for a long time. Karan tells that he has seen Preeta. He asks Rishabh to believe him. He asks him to arrange CCTV footage and prove it. Nidhi gets worried. Karan begs him to help. Rishabh asks him to calm down. He rushes to arrange CCTV footage. Nidhi gets mad in anger. Rajveer comes back home. Nidhi asks what was he doing in outhouse. He tells that he was roaming in the entire house. She asks him if he knows Preeta. He confuses her with his smart replies.

He asks is there something that’s troubling and scaring her. She tells that she will not spare him if she learns that he knows something about Preeta. He asks her to leave his hand. He goes in search of Palki. Shaurya stops Palki. He tells that he isn’t interested in her. He asks her not to act dramatic. She argues with him. She asks him to call her Palki instead using the funny nicknames. She tells that a name is a person’s identity. She calls him a donkey and loser. He stops her and asks her not to show attitude. She asks him to stay away. He tells that not everyone understands classy things. She jokes on him. She tells that she doesn’t want his sorry and thanks. Rajveer reaches there to rescue her.

He stops Shaurya from holding her hand against her wish. He asks how dare he hurt Palki. He insults Shaurya. He takes Palki with him. Shaurya fumes in rage. Rishabh tells Karan that they will get the CCTV footage by tomorrow, because of the fire breakout destroying the cameras. Karan is eager to check the CCTV footage right away. Shaurya meets Karan and the family members. He asks them why did they spare Rajveer when they knew the latter’s crime. He gets disappointed with the family.


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