Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Update Huge surprise

Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Update Huge surprise

Anupama 27th June 2023 Written Update Huge surprise. The Shah family makes grand arrangements for Anupama’s farewell party. Leela misses Hasmukh. She tells that Anupama loves Hasmukh a lot, he means a lot to her, and she would have got her blessings before leaving. Kavya arrives home and offers help to them. Leela and Vanraj ask her to just take a rest. Kavya tells that she can at least wrap the gifts. Pakhi tries to convince Adhik with a hearty apology. She wants their issues to end. She tells that they should give happiness to Anupama, instead their stress. Leela tells that her gift for Anupama is the best. She pampers Kavya. She tells that she will take good care of Kavya. The family requests Kavya to stay back. Kavya tells that they will talk about it later.

Anupama gets decked up and feels she shouldn’t catch any bad sight. She leaves for Shah’s house. Anuj waits for Anupama anxiously. Ankush pulls his leg and enjoys it. Anuj tells that he isn’t able to wait today. Ankush tells that Anuj is an expert in waiting. Anuj tells that he is a love expert also. He doesn’t want to go to the Shah house and tolerate them. He asks how will he live without Anupama. Ankush tells that Anuj and Anupama will unite. Anuj doesn’t want Anupama to sacrifice her dreams for his sake. He supports her dreams. Barkha is glad that Anupama is leaving. She wants to get rid of Anuj and Maya.


Anupama reaches Shah’s house which has most of her memories. She is left stunned by the beautiful surprise, that defines Anupama as a perfect person in keeping her relationships. Leela performs Anupama’s aarti and welcomes her. Kanta and Bhavesh are surprised too. Anupama is amazed that all her relationships are intact and walking along with her. She feels lucky. She tells that she will cry and smile when she gets these memories in her mind. Leela feels ashamed of her past mistakes. Anupama tells that Leela has changed a lot.

The family asks Anupama to stay happy. Anupama tells that they don’t know about life, so they shall meet others like it’s the last meet and just spread love and laughter around. Anupama’s picture is sent to Anuj. He gets glad to see her. Maya keeps a watch on him. Anupama performs the aarti with the family. Leela unveils a huge surprise for Anupama. The family treats Anupama like a queen and gives her many happy moments to remember. Anupama gets delighted and touched by Leela’s efforts.


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