YRKKH 27th June 2023 Written Update Abhinav breaks down

YRKKH 27th June 2023 Written Update Abhinav breaks down

YRKKH 27th June 2023 Written Update Abhinav breaks down. Manish calms down Akshara. He tells that Manjiri has created a line to separate Abhir from Abhinav and her. He asks her to just regard the battle as her duty and focus on it. He advises her to only think of Abhir, instead of anyone else. Manjiri also advises Abhimanyu to think about his rights to Abhir. He questions Abhinav’s rights on Abhir. She admits that she has done wrong with Abhinav and Aarohi, but she wants Abhimanyu to unite with Akshara. He asks her not to talk about such things that make him lose his son. She tells that she had done this for his betterment. He regrets that the court will decide their fate. She trusts the law that he will win custody. Abhimanyu tells her that they could have found a way to share Abhir’s childhood and happiness.

She calls it impossible to share Abhir. She gets mad to win the case. Surekha tells that the court case won’t be easy. She reminds how Abhinav’s financial status was targeted in the court. Akshara grows worried. Manish tells that just Akshara has the right to her son. Abhimanyu explains to Manjiri that things can’t be true or false always. He wants to get Abhir, but without snatching him from Abhinav. She asks him to snatch his son. He is indebted to Akshara and Abhinav. He doesn’t want to give them any pain. She asks him if he is ready to undergo the suffering if he loses his son. She wants him to fight. Manish tells that he can’t Manjiri break Akshara’s family.


He calls Manjiri wrong. Kairav arrives and finds everyone upset. Akshara tells that they were emotional about Kairav’s marriage. She reminds him that he has to leave on his honeymoon. He tells about the last ritual. Kairav and Muskaan enjoy the ring-finding ritual. Akshara feels worried for Abhinav. She gets distracted seeing Abhimanyu and Manjiri. Later, Akshara cries seeing Abhinav’s fear of losing Abhir. Abhinav isn’t able to confess his feelings. He tells that he just loves Akshara and Abhir. He hides his tears from her.

Abhir dreams of Abhinav leaving him forever. He gets scared when he doesn’t find Abhinav. He asks Akshara to call Abhinav. He tells that he can’t live without Abhinav. He finds a note there and gets afraid that Abhinav left. Abhinav arrives and finds Abhir terrified. Abhir runs to hug him. He tells that he was scared of losing him because he knows Abhinav isn’t his real dad. He asks Abhinav not to leave him. He promises to become his best son. Abhinav and Akshara break into tears, realizing the trauma Abhir is facing. Abhinav calls Abhir the best son. He tells that he is his dad and must understand his feelings. He apologizes to him. Abhinav tells that he loves him a lot. Abhir makes him promise that he will never leave him.


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