Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns. Ranbir leaves the house when he finds it difficult to live in the same city as Prachi. He tells his family that if they want to see him alive, then they shouldn’t stop him back. He adds that he feels choked to live in the house, which reminds him of Prachi all the time. The family permits him to leave but is very sorrowful about his decision. They find him much disturbed and pray that he recovers from Prachi’s loss. Vikram and Pallavi pray for Ranbir. Prachi is upset when she isn’t regarded as a good parent for Khushi. Akshay gets the right to look after Khushi. Prachi misses Ranbir. She feels indebted to Akshay that she got Khushi because of him. She lives a happy life with Akshay, Khushi, and her family. Ranbir returns to Prachi’s life to take his revenge and hurt her. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir remembers Prachi. At the signal, he stops. He has the chance to observe Akshay and Prachi together. With them, he discovers Khushi. Akshay is asked by Prachi not to pamper Khushi. Ranbir observes Khushi and Prachi be content with Akshay. Prachi feels him, but she doesn’t see him. Ranbir promises to come back into Prachi’s life and ruin her happiness. A short leap of three months takes place. Prachi is seen managing the duties of the entire family well. Prachi wins everyone over by making them happy. Prachi is praised by Ashok as a genuine diamond. Khushi is spoiled by Akshay and Prachi.


Khushi’s appearance does not please Vishaka. In the family, Khushi is adored by all. Khushi is urged to get ready by Prachi so they won’t be late. Khushi agrees to hug Ashok. Khushi gives him a tender hug. Prachi is capable, according to Vishaka, who notes that she has taken care of the family promptly. Prachi brings harmony to the household, according to Ashok.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2023 Written Update Ranbir returns:

Prachi takes care of Khushi. She is upset that Khushi is going to London for the school exchange program. She tells that she will miss Khushi a lot. Akshay tells that he has fixed everything for Khushi, and his office staff will look after her well. Khushi is excited to go to London. He plans to make Khushi join her dad’s business. Khushi asks Prachi to not get sad and sends her. Khushi meets her teacher. She tells that she is excited to go. The lady asks her to come and meet her friends. Prachi instructs Khushi to enjoy the trip. She asks Khushi to make a video call every day. Khushi asks her not to worry about her. She tells that she wants to go with her friends. She hugs Prachi.

She asks Akshay to take care of Prachi until she comes back. She meets the family members before leaving. Prachi gets too emotional and weeps. Akshay consoles him. Vishaka takes Akshay for a talk. He asks her what’s the matter. She tells that Khushi was a hurdle between Akshay and Prachi, and she left today. She adds that Prachi wasn’t coming close to Akshay because of Khushi. She asks Akshay not to miss this chance and get the win, Prachi. Akshay shows his evil side. He was cheating Prachi by his good side. He tells that he will get Prachi in his control. Vishaka asks him not to waste more time.

She tells that if he loves Prachi and dies to win her, then he should take a step. She asks him not to think of Prachi’s ex-husband. She tells that she is tired of acting well in front of Prachi. She asks him to win Prachi and not lose the chance. She tells that she will make all the arrangements for his romantic night. He thanks her. He tells that she has saved his love life.

Mihika comes home and surprises everyone. She tells that she missed everyone. She asks about Khushi. Ashok tells that Khushi just left for the airport. Prachi meets Mihika. Mihika compliments Prachi and Akshay’s love glow. Prachi tells that she will go and make tea for everyone. She gets some time to speak to Mihika. She thinks Mihika is happy from her heart. She finds her excited for her coming life as if she is in love and dating someone. Mihika confesses that she is in love. She tells Prachi that she has fallen into a crazy love and she wants to marry the person she loves. Akshay overhears this and gets angry at Mihika. He asks Mihika not to get into this mess again.

She asks what does he mean by that. He tells that whatever happened last time, he can’t forget it. He calls her feelings wrong. She asks him not to control her life. She wants to lead her life. He yells at her for her past mistake. He tells that she has taken wrong decisions in her life. He asks if she isn’t proved wrong. Prachi asks him to calm down. He tells that he understands Mihika, but she has always taken wrong decisions about love, she suffers and the family also suffers along with her. She tells that she can’t get stuck in her past. He tells that she always hurts herself. He wants her betterment. Prachi asks him to listen to Mihika. He asks Prachi to understand his concern.

She tells that she might have got a genuine person this time. She asks him to meet the guy once and then decide. She asks Mihika to tell her about her lover. She supports Mihika. Mihika is sure that her family will love her choice. Prachi asks him to call him home. Mihika rushes to call her lover. She calls Ranbir and invites him home. Prachi asks Akshay not to lose his cool. He worries about thinking of the past. She asks him not to judge anyone based on the past. He tells that Mihika can do anything for her lover, she becomes psycho and can hurt herself, and she isn’t ready for any relationship. Prachi asks him to be positive. She convinces him to meet the guy once. She feels Mihika’s choice will be good.


  1. Prachi shameless n disgusting,fake marriage but living in the house like a mistress.git Khushi custody but still with Akshay n Khushi in London I guess Prachi just wanted a new man to live like she sister lusty


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