Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2023 Written Update Lakshmi saves Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2023 Written Update Lakshmi saves Rishi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2023 Written Update Lakshmi saves Rishi. Rishi meets with an accident. Lakshmi asks Ayush to take the car backward. She feels Rishi is on the other route. She tells that she has heard Rishi calling her. Ayush believes her. He wishes Rishi is okay. Lakshmi prays for Rishi. She looks for Rishi. Vikrant wishes Rishi dies. Lakshmi and Ayush come on that road. They see the truck, but not the car. They proceed ahead and see a car accident. Ayush and Lakshmi get worried. Vikrant gets injured. He thinks to leave as soon as possible so that nobody knows his crime. Ayush recognizes Rishi’s car. Lakshmi and Ayush run to check on Rishi. They see an injured Rishi. She apologizes for getting late.

Lakshmi cries seeing the bleeding. She shouts Rishi’s name. Vikrant falls over the rocks and faints on the roadside. Lakshmi asks Rishi to respond and get up. She asks Ayush to bring Rishi out of the car. They try to pull Rishi out of the car. Ayush tells that nothing will happen to Rishi. Some people come to help them. Ayush calls an ambulance. Lakshmi tells Rishi that nothing will happen to him. The ambulance reaches there. Shalu calls Ayush to know about Rishi. Karishma gets a call from Ayush. He asks her to listen to him carefully and stay calm. She asks him if Lakshmi has done something. He asks her to handle things at home.


He tells that he is following the ambulance, Rishi met with a big accident and she has to inform the family about it. She is shocked and afraid to tell Neelam. Ayush tells her that Lakshmi is with Rishi. He asks Karishma to handle Virender and Neelam. Neelam asks Karishma what happened. Karishma asks her to be strong. Neelam worries and asks her to speak up. Karishma tells about Rishi’s accident. The entire family is shocked to know this bad news. Dadi asks Karishma who informed her. Karishma tells that Ayush called her, and Lakshmi is with Rishi. Neelam asks how did Lakshmi reach Rishi.

Dadi tells that Lakshmi will save Rishi. Karishma tells that they should rush to see Rishi. Malishka learns about Rishi’s accident. She gets panicking. Saloni thinks to inform Vikrant about it. She doesn’t know that Vikrant is behind the accident. Dadi tells Malishka that Lakshmi is with Rishi. Malishka gets infuriated. The people find Vikrant injured and rush him to the hospital. Lakshmi and Ayush recall their moments with Rishi. They send him inside for treatment. They break down. Ayush calls Lakshmi a source of strength for Rishi. He asks her to stay strong. Vikrant gets treated by a doctor.

The nurse tells that she will contact Vikrant’s family members by his phone. Virender reaches the hospital. Ayush tells about Rishi’s accident. He adds that Lakshmi sensed a mishap with Rishi and she compelled him to take her to Rishi, she found Rishi by following her heart and they got Rishi to the hospital. Virender asks him to be strong. He consoles Lakshmi. He asks her how she knows it always that Rishi is falling into danger. He asks her not to get upset. He knows that Rishi would be fine when Lakshmi is with her. Vikrant gets conscious. He finds himself in a hospital. The nurse gives his phone and asks him to call his family.

She goes to call the doctor. He wonders if Rishi is still alive. The family members reach the hospital. Ayush tells them about Rishi’s deadly accident, and how Lakshmi found him by following her intuition. Malishka vents her anger on Lakshmi and blames her for the accident. Ayush tells that Lakshmi has saved Rishi’s life. Malishka asks how did Lakshmi reach there, how did she get to know it, and whether is she a magician or if Devi knows that Rishi is in danger. Dadi stops Malishka from creating a scene. She is grateful to Lakshmi. Rishi gets treated in the OT. Malishka gets envious and rages. She decides to kill Lakshmi if anything happens to her Rishi.


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