GHKPM 30th June 2023 Written Update Ishaan Savi match

GHKPM 30th June 2023 Written Update Ishaan Savi match

GHKPM 30th June 2023 Written Update Ishaan Savi match. Bhavani wants to find an alliance with Savi. She tells that the person who tells the truth doesn’t stab in the back. She asks Savi to learn honesty from Sai. Savi asks why is she asking her to become like Sai. She knows Bhavani likes Sai a lot. Savi teases Bhavani and doesn’t give her phone. She asks Bhavani to say it once. Bhavani threatens to stop her from attending college. Savi gets upset and returns the phone. Bhavani gets to see the guy’s picture. Ishaan finds a boy in danger and rushes to help. He asks the lady to be more attentive towards her child than her phone. He lectures her.

He tells her that he has made the crèche for working women to help them attend to their children. He fires the lady from her job. Rishi asks him not to make an issue of a little thing. Ishaan tells that people should have children when they are responsible. He calls her careless and vents anger. Rishi asks him to calm down. He asks the lady to take a long off until then he will explain to Ishaan to keep her on the job. Rishi tells Ishaan that it’s not good to fire someone for a little issue because the lady’s house runs on her salary.


Ishaan can’t stand a woman ignoring her child. Rishi asks him to forget the past and move on. He tells that things keep happening in life and one has to just celebrate them. He asks Ishaan to get ready for the Ekadashi festive. Bhavani shows the guy’s picture to the family to take their opinion. Savi asks her about the guy. Bhavani gets Ishaan’s alliance for Savi. She asks Savi not to misbehave with him. She calls Ishaan a perfect match for Savi.


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