Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update Prachi’s past

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update Prachi's past

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update Prachi’s past. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship. She gets shaken up. Vishaka asks Prachi what is she doing. She regrets the bad omen. Manpreet asks Prachi not to worry. Vishaka asks Prachi to welcome Mihika and her lover. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s challenge. Mihika asks Prachi is something wrong. She asks Prachi to share the matter. Prachi doesn’t reveal anything. Manpreet and Vishaka ask Prachi to come and do the rituals properly. Ranbir remembers how Prachi had ousted him from her house. He wonders why did he come back to Prachi. He doesn’t want Prachi to think he has come to fulfill the challenge. Akshay thinks of Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage.

Ashok stops Akshay from questioning Ranbir. He tells that he will talk to Ranbir. Ranbir thinks he was just helping Mihika. He wants to get help from someone. Prachi thinks Ranbir has trapped Mihika for fulfilling a stupid challenge. She calls Ranbir wrong to play with Mihika’s feelings. She wants to speak to Mihika. She tells Mihika that she has to talk to her. Vishaka asks Prachi to just rush outside. Prachi tells that she has to tell something to Mihika. Vishaka scolds her for her stern behavior. Manpreet asks Prachi to talk to Mihika later. Prachi makes excuses to take Mihika with her. Vishaka thinks about what happened to Prachi.


Manpreet tells that Prachi seems worried about the bad omen. Prachi tells Mihika that she has to tell her something important. Akshay comes and asks Mihika to come with him. He wants to talk to Mihika and stop her from making mistakes. He requests Prachi to let him talk to his sister. Akshay doesn’t listen to Prachi. He asks Mihika did she lose her mind. He tells that he knows Ranbir. Mihika praises Ranbir who stood by her in the phase of sadness and loneliness. She tells that Ranbir is the best. He tells that Ranbir is married. He asks her if she knows Ranbir’s history. He tells her about Ranbir and Rhea. She doesn’t believe him.

He tells that her relationship with Ranbir will not work. She asks him about his relationship with Prachi when it’s baseless and loveless. Akshay angrily raises his hand at her. Manpreet reaches there and stops him. Ranbir thinks Mihika is crazy to welcome her lover by calling her relatives home. Ranbir sees Prachi there. She thinks he has come for her sake. He asks her not to give herself importance because he didn’t come for her sake. She thinks he has come to take revenge, but he knows he has no time to think of revenge.

Neha and Divya recollect seeing Ranbir at Akshay’s wedding. They like Ranbir’s looks. Prachi thinks Ranbir has married Rhea, but has stooped to this level to fulfill the challenge. Abhay asks Prachi to get the aarti plate. Prachi thinks to tell Ranbir’s truth to Mihika. Ranbir turns to leave. The ladies stop him from going anywhere. Manpreet asks Akshay what is he doing. He complains about Mihika’s bad behavior and taunts. Mihika tells that Prachi is nice, but Akshay can’t be right always. Akshay tells that Mihika is wrong in choosing a guy. He adds that Ranbir is married, and he is fooling Mihika. Akshay loses his temper.

Manpreet asks him not to say anything and calm down. She tells that Vishaka and Prachi are waiting for them to welcome Ranbir. Akshay and Mihika get into a heated argument. Manpreet asks them to stop it. She asks Akshay what does he want. Akshay tells that Mihika has compelled Ranbir to come just to prove him/Akshay wrong. Mihika tells that she didn’t get Ranbir randomly. She thinks he is trying to get rid of her. He calls it a lie. He tells that Mihika’s relationship can create a big problem in the family. Manpreet asks him to clear his doubts with Ranbir, and then decide about him.


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