Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update New Wedding track

Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update New Wedding track

Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update New Wedding track. Palki gets the snacks for Preeta and Shreya. Preeta asks Rajveer why is he so tense. He tells that he is worried about his new job. She asks what is he saying. Mohit tells that Rajveer got a good job offer from Luthras. Palki wonders if Rajveer will work for Luthras. Preeta asks Rajveer to get happy with the good news. She congratulates him. Palki and Gurpreet also wish Rajveer. Rajveer isn’t happy. He wants to keep Preeta and Karan away. He thinks to work with Karan and stay close to him so that he can keep an eye on him. He decides to take the job and start executing his plan of ruining Karan.

Rishabh tells Karan that he is so happy with Kavya’s homecoming that he felt like Preeta has come home. Karan wishes that Preeta comes home and fulfills everyone’s wish to see her. He wants to tell Rishabh about Preeta. He stays quiet knowing nobody is going to believe him until he finds Preeta and gets her in front of them. Nidhi gets angered hearing them. Nidhi makes a plan to keep Preeta away from the family. She thinks to hunt down Preeta before Karan reaches her. Mohit tells Rajveer that they will get Preeta’s respect back at any cost. He supports Rajveer in his revenge goals.


He also thinks Preeta has suffered a lot, despite being such a kind person. He feels bad for Preeta. Palki expresses her feelings to Rajveer. Sandy tells Shaurya about Palki and Rajveer. He provokes Shaurya against Rajveer. Rajveer meets Shaurya in the Luthra office. The brothers get into a heated argument. Kavya’s wedding track will begin. Kavya and Varun’s love story will be seen. How will Kavya find out about Preeta? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2023 Written Update New Wedding track:

Gurpreet praises Palki’s culinary skills. Rajveer thinks to work with Karan and find out about Karan further so that he can save Preeta. He thinks Nidhi was desperate to know about Preeta. He realizes that Nidhi hates Preeta and he shouldn’t let her know about Preeta ever. Nidhi asks Aarohi to call some pandit and make him solve her problem. Aarohi asks her why is she having such bling beliefs. Nidhi tells that she is tense and wants her help. She is stressed because Kavya has come back. Aarohi tells that Kavya doesn’t hate Nidhi. Nidhi tells that she has no bonding with Kavya. She fears that Kavya will find Preeta if anyone tells her about spotting Preeta in the house. Aarohi asks her to make Shaurya rule on the family. She asks Nidhi to make her relationship with Shaurya very strong. Nidhi agrees to use Shaurya as her puppet.

Rishabh asks Shaurya to take decisions for the music company by asking Karan. Shaurya tells that he wants to take decisions on his own. Rishabh tells that the family comes first. Shaurya tells that he will get bigger and successful than Karan’s company soon. Nidhi meets Shaurya and finds him happy. He tells that he will do good work and build his big company. She asks him to takeover Karan’s company. He thanks her and hugs her for support. Karan is happy. Rishabh finds him happy. He tells that he knows Karan is happy because of Kavya’s coming. He hugs Karan.

Nidhi watches them from far. Rishabh tells that he is so happy with Kavya’s coming. He adds that he feels like Preeta has come home, because Kavya’s aura is just like Preeta. He likes Karan and Kavya’s bonding. Nidhi doesn’t want them to sing Kavya’s praise. Rishabh tells that he won’t be there in Kavya’s Roka. Karan tells that he won’t let the function happen in Rishabh’s absence. He adds that he will postpone the marriage. Rishabh tells that Varun loves Kavya a lot. He advises Karan to stay happy. On the other hand, Preeta prepares for Rajveer’s new job.

Mohit comes to the kitchen. She asks him does he want to say something. She tells him that she will feed curd to Rajveer to wish him luck for the new job. She goes to take rest. Mohit tells that Preeta doesn’t know Rajveer is her son, but she can feel this from heart so she loves him a lot. Rajveer is glad. Mohit asks him to do anything but return the respect to Preeta. Rajveer swears to snatch Karan’s sleep and peace. Karan misses Preeta. He tells her that he will find her connection with Rajveer and bring her home. He wants to tell her about Kavya’s return. He tells that Kavya is getting married. He wants Preeta to come and bless Kavya. He decides to fulfill his goals. Kavya sees Preeta’s damaged picture and misses her.

She tells that she doesn’t remember Preeta’s face. She adds that she loves Preeta a lot. She cries in memory of Preeta. She tells that she feels Preeta is around. She calls out Preeta from her heart. Her voice reaches Preeta. Preeta gets restless. She asks Rajveer if he called her. He says no. She tells that she felt someone called her Maa. Rajveer hopes Shaurya is okay. He worries for Shaurya’s welfare. Karan tells that he got angry on Preeta’s leaving and burnt all her pictures. He regrets his actions. He didn’t leave any of Preeta’s memories to let Shaurya and Kavya know her. He feels Kavya reminds him of Preeta. Preeta prays for her children unknowingly.


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