Anupama 4th July 2023 Written Update Anu reforms Maya

Anupama 4th July 2023 Written Update Anu reforms Maya

Anupama 4th July 2023 Written Update Anu reforms Maya. Anupama soothes Maya’s anxiety. Maya thinks she was going to kill Anupama, who is worrying about her condition. She realizes her mistake and thinks of Anupama’s efforts in shaping Anu’s better future. She feels ashamed of her actions. She doesn’t want to harm Anupama. Anupama gives Ganpati idol to Maya and asks her to control her anger from now. She asks Maya to take care of herself. She tells that Maya shouldn’t let her mental health get affected. She adds that Kanta had taken her to the hospital and showed the suffering of the patients, who aren’t getting a chance to live. She tells how she got inspired to live her life. She now inspires Maya to live her life well. She tells that she doesn’t want to take any burden on her heart, so she has come back.

She requests Maya to handle herself and stay with love. She asks Maya to stay happy with Anu. She tells that she always wanted good for Maya. She hugs Maya and wishes for her recovery. Maya reforms with Anupama’s generous speech. Kinjal takes care of Kavya. Samar tells them that Pakhi has no idea about Maya and Anupama. He wants to find out what’s happening there. Anupama comes downstairs and tells that everything is okay. She doesn’t tell anything. She tells that Maya didn’t do anything. She asks Adhik to take care of Pakhi. Barkha promises her. Anu breaks down and runs to hug Anupama. She tells that she heard Anupama and Maya’s conversation. She feels Maya did wrong to Anupama. Anupama tells that it’s okay.


She tells that Anu is young and won’t understand everything, Maya isn’t wrong but sick, so she gets angry. She asks Anu to give love to Maya and help her recover soon. Anu agrees. Adhik informs Samar that everything is fine in the house. Samar tells Kavya and Kinjal that he will do the work. Dimpy tells that they have to go to the dance academy. Samar tells that he will manage everything. Dimpy argues with him. He asks her not to behave badly. She tells that they didn’t spend time together. She argues with him. She taunts Paritosh who is useless and doesn’t help the family at all.

Kinjal feels bad hearing her taunts. Samar asks Dimpy to let him share the family responsibility and understand their family unity. Anu asks Anupama when will she come back. Anupama tells that she can’t say anything because she doesn’t know it. She tells Anu that she will come whenever Anu needs her. She promises Anu. Vanraj surprises Kavya and makes her happy. She asks him if he is ready to take the baby’s responsibility. He tells that he is very happy. He explains that he wants to earn well and take care of his family. He wants to give time to Kavya and their baby.

He is happy to give a new chance to their relationship. Anu meets Maya and blames her for ruining Anuj and Anupama’s lives. She tells that Maya has done wrong with them. She tells Maya that she is scared of her anger. She asks Maya not to trouble anyone. She refuses to live with Maya. She tells that Maya has broken her happy family. She hates Maya. Maya realizes her mistakes and sobs. Maya begs Anupama and Anuj to forgive her. She rectifies her mistake by saving Anupama’s life from a deadly accident. Maya meets an accident. She repents her sins. Anuj and Anupama are in shock to see an injured Maya.


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